Jeffrey For – about me

Hey everyone!

I am a 55 year old fitness trainer and mournful former runner in the San Francisco Bay area.  I had a posterior approach hip replacement In June of 2013, so I am coming up to 1 year.  The hip replacement was the culmination of several years of pain, and bewilderment,  as it didn’t feel hip related.  Much more SI, or piriformis, but no pain coming from the hip capsule until the End stages.

Along with the right hip, my two great toes (First The right, And Then The left), We’re swollen and inflamed at The 1st joint.  Actually, the right toe happened well before (several years) any hip pain.


Now, the hip is great, but the toes are achey.  I will not pursue tow surgery, however.   Too risky,  too much down time (6 to 8 weeks).  I want to work on gait, and as I’m doing so, I’m moving freer, and less toe pain.  I have been told by my surgeon no running EVER.  I have been running, starting about 4 months ago, only a .2 to .4 of a mile at a time,  in between walking.  It’s not perfect, but it’s not painful either.  And, I spend less time and less pressure in my toes running than walking.


Another hip replacement friend days I am not thinking clearly about this.  There are no pain receptors in the new hip,  so I will not know if I am causing damage.  I will end here for now, but other than just how it feels in your body, how can I justify going against doctors orders?   I would love to talk to an orthopedic doctor who has a hip replacement and is running.  Any feedback?… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)