Ira – May Update – Broad Street Run

Broad Street Run.  10 miles straight through the City of Philadelphia.

Awesome experience.

I found fellow Hipster Doug in the massive crowds.  The bright lime green shirt that his running group was wearing helped them stand out.  It was really nice to meet him.

By the time the starting horn sound, the blue skies appeared.  Beautiful running weather until the clouds and wind rolled in around mile 9.

Finished in 1:51:34.  Shaved off almost 18 minutes from my 2012 time (pre-THR).    Had a great time and got a pretty cool finisher medal.


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Ira – Update March 2014


Hello all.  The procrastinator is back. 

I see some good advice and words of wisdom have been posted. 




To the newer members of the Hiprunner’s Club, welcome and isn’t it great to be moving without that familiar hip pain?


I have my first organized run off the this week.  The Haddonfield Adrenaline Run (5k).  Looking forward to it, just hoping it’s not too cold at start time.


On another topic, the Broad Street Run is set for May 4th.  As I mentioned early in an early post, I registered for the lottery and was not selected to participate in this years  event.  I read that about 4700 runners were not chosen to be part of the lucky 40k or so runners.  I thought the system was fair but I was disappointed.


So I looked for options; register in the BIB transfer program, try to buy a bib on Craig’s list, bandit the run (I’d never do that), or move on and hope for better luck next year.


I decided to register for the transfer program after which I found a blog by a local writer who is participating in the run and I found some interesting replies from some of the unlucky 4700.


“Real” runners that were not chosen debated the effectiveness of the lottery system, asking why should runners that run at or above a 10 minute pace be allowed to participate.  After all, they are taking spots for more deserving runners and of course clog the field.


Wow…   Wow….


Wait, that made me think.   Perhaps “real” runners should further suggest that a limit be placed on all race/run events to only allow participants that truly have a chance to win the race or win their group division, ensuring the most deserving runners will get spots.  Why bother participating if you can’t win, right? 


But, if that were to happen, who would real runners beat?  I mean if you can’t run a sub 8 minute mile why bother, right?




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Ira – Update Feb 2014

Hello all.

I’m confirming my procrastination again as it’s been a while since I’ve posted an update.

Welcome to all the new members of the Hiprunner’s Club.  It’s really cool reading your stories and updates.

I am 15 months post surgery and doing well.  Actually, if I kept up with strengthening exercises, I’d probably be doing even better.  But I am still running.

The bad weather here on the East Coast has kept me inside so I’ve been hitting the treadmill more than I’d like, but at least I have somewhere to run.

Really looking forward to getting back outside soon.

This week, an email I was waiting for arrived.  After registering for the Broad Street Run Lottery at the beginning of February, my answered arrived.

Unfortunately, I did not get in.  I was not one of the lucky 40+ thousand to be given the opportunity to run Broad St.  Bummer!  But, I think the lottery is a fair selection process that other large races should consider.

I’ll continue to plan for other runs this year, starting with the Annual Haddonfield Adrenaline Run set for 3/15.  Can’t wait.


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Ira – Update – Day 389

Hello all.

I have a widget that counts the days since my THR.  389 days and counting.  No issues to report.

Has anyone with a new titanium hip taken a flight recently?  I’m curious if you beeped when passing through the metal detectors.

Last week, I ran a local Turkey Trot 5k.  New PR; 29:05 on a nice brisk day.  34 degrees at start time.

Shirt 20131201_092822


Trying to break into the 28 minute mark.  Up next is the Haddon Township Holiday Heart Run.  My last official 5k of 2013.  Perhaps I can close out the year by crossing a new goal.

I’ll start planning my 2014 runs soon.  My running buddy Vic is pushing me to do a half.  I’d like to do that.

Happy running.

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Ira – Update

I had a really good weekend run.  I ran the Rothman 8k that was part of the Philadelphia Marathon Weekend.

The 8k stared at 7:30 for about 1200 runners on a cool, overcast morning.  The first mile of the course was a bit tight so jockeying for a spot was like moving through a maze.  But as the race progressed, the crowd thinned out, or maybe I passed (or was passed) by a bunch of people.  Around mile 3 the sun came out and started to warm the course. I had a pretty good pace and plenty of run in the tank.

Once I crossed the finish line, I got a big handshake from Philly Mayor Michael Nutter and realized that I had an 8k PR.  Official run time 48:25.

Then more fun.  I got home looking forward to a cup of coffee.  Instead, I spilled the cup on my hand causing second degree burns.  The skin between my thumb and index finger came right off.  Ouch!**##!   We quickly ran out of the house to the nearest critical care center where my wound was quickly cleaned and dressed.  Boy, did I mess myself up.  5 days later it’s still raw.  I need to keep it clean, apply a cream and keep it covered.  More nursing duties for my wife.  But two goods things to consider; I can still run and I had an 8k PR last week.

Next up:  Haddon Township 5k Turkey Trot.  I couldn’t run it last year as I was recovering from hip surgery.  I’m certainly looking forward to it this year.

By the way, welcome to the new hipsters and visitors.

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Ira – Week 51 Report

Well, the Bridge Run is complete.  A bit cool and windy but I had a great day and a great run.  A new 10k PR for me; 1:01:39.   Last year, I did this run 2 weeks before surgery and finished in just over 1:19:00.  Big improvement.

Here is a picture of the finisher medal that all runners received and a screen shot of the course from Map My Run.

Bridge 2013 Bridge Screen shot

My hip is feeling pretty good these days.

Next up, I think I’m going to do the Rothman 8k.  This run starts/finishes in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art and follows Kelly Drive along the Schuylkill River.  Nice course.

Also, the main sponsor is the surgical group that performed my hip surgery.

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Ira – Week 50 Report

Week 50.  Wow.

I year ago this week, I was preparing for my pre-op testing; cardiac clearance, blood work, meet with the anesthesiologist, etc.  Then news reports of Hurricane Sandy started to roll.  While I’m about 50 miles from the Jersey shore, local news reports were scary.  We started to prepare for power outages and other potential damage.  Stocked up on non-perishables and water.

With the storm pending, I expected my pre-op work to be rescheduled.  Partially correct.  The cardiologist rescheduled, but my other work was set to occur at Jefferson Hospital and they didn’t close.

So, here I am, driving from Cherry Hill NJ into Philadelphia at 9:30 AM to complete some testing.  Fairly empty roads, but stores were open.  Some rather strong wind gusts did make me nervous.

There were 2 other people (or lunatics) in the waiting room.  I couldn’t wait to get this over with and get home.    1 1/2 hours later, I’m done.  Out the door, into the rain and into the parking lot.  Clean escape. But the arm on the gate won’t lift up so I can exit.

Then, as I try to retrieve my debit card from the pay-at-the-exit machine, it blows away.  I throw my car into park and I run down the street after it.  Must have been a funny site.

Back to the car.  Stuck in the lot.  Finally, out of nowhere, an attendant shows up, opens the gate and I’m off.  Driving back to NJ in slightly strong winds, hoping to make it back over the bridge and home safely.

Needless to say, I made it home, got cardiac clearance a few days later and had a successful surgery.  I have to count my blessings.

On the hurricane side, my area was spared any serious damage but as you all probably know, many parts of NJ and NY were seriously damaged and are still struggling 1 year later.

Current day.  Completed another 5k and a PR to boot.  29:39.  While it may not be the fastest of times to many, I felt like Mercury.

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Ira – Week 49 Report

Week 49 is coming to a close.

After getting my mileage up to 18-20 miles week, I caught an early season cold with lot’s of congestion that caused me to take a week break.  I got back quickly and hit a PR on the Dolphin Dash 5k.  29:51 and my first official 5k under the thirty minute mark.  I was thrilled.  Not too bad for a guy with a titanium hip and 1 lung.

Up next is the JCC 5k Road Race.  I hope to continue to improve.  After that is the Cooper Norcross Run the Bridge 10k.

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Ira – Week 46 Report

Hello fellow hipsters.

It’s amazing that so many people have found  I’ve enjoyed reading all of your stories and triumphs.  Keep up the good work.

46 weeks ago, actually 321 days, I had my THR surgery.  For me, it was an easy choice to have the surgery.  I’ve been basically pain-free since (not included recovery time) and now enjoy my running more than I ever.  Especially lately, as we’ve had a glorious 2 week streak of perfect running weather here in NJ.

The fall running season is in full swing and there are so many runs too choose from –  5k, 10k, halfs, etc. I am registered for an event almost every weekend through the end of the year.  On 10/20, I’m running the 2nd Annual Dolphin Dash 5k to support my local swim club.  This was the last 5k I ran before surgery.  I have a new tradition brewing.

The 15 – 20 miles per week that I run isn’t a lot, but I’m certainly glad to be doing it.  Thanks to modern medicine and the crazy desire that I have to get up and run.

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Ira – Week 38 Report

After driving over it many times, I finally ran the Ocean NJ bridge.  Completed  about 2 years ago, this rolling bridge has a nice walkway, fishing piers and great views of OCNJ.  I started the roughly 4.25 mile roundtrip at 6:30 AM.  It was 64 degrees, a bit cloudy and very little people traffic.  What a great run!  Looking forward to the next time I run this bridge.

This weekend, I’m planning a 5 plus mile route through Moorestown NJ with my running buddy.

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Ira – Week 36 Report

It’s amazing how many people have found this site and are adding posts.

I found this site in early 2012 several months prior to my THR, and I’ll tell that Tom’s postings really helped me see what I could expect from surgery, recovery and running again.  I’m sure the Hipsters feel the same way.

My brother had a total right hip replacement on July 2nd.  Hereditary perhaps?  While he’s a tennis player, I keep bugging him to read the posts.  I think he’ll  find all the updates very informative.

Well it’s been really hot and humid here in NJ which makes it hard for me to breathe so my run times suffer.  However, I’m still out there plugging away.

Looking forward to adding mileage.

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Ira – Week 32 Report

Well, my secret is out.  I’m a bit of  procrastinator.  I haven’t updated my status in while, but I have still been running.

This is my week 32 report, 224 days post surgery, and I’m feeling great.  I’m still running about 12 – 15 miles per week with my new Stryker Hip.

Since my last post, I’ve run several 5ks, an 8k and getting ready to sign up for one of my favorites, the Run the Bridge 10k, in November.

I  purchased my first post surgery sneakers – New Balance 860s (Sorry Tom, Brooks don’t fit me properly).  Prior to surgery, my legs were different lengths.  But that issue was corrected on 11/12/12.  So the new sneakers have sort of given me a mental lift.

On May 19th I hit 5k PR, 30:02.  It felt really good.  I hope to improve on that time.  Looking forward to a July 4th Firecracker run; The Mayor’s Cup in Marlton NJ.  Also, can’t wait to run the Ocean City NJ boardwalk or try the walkway over the new Somers Point-Ocean City bridge.  Roundtrip is about 4 miles with great views of the bay.

Do any of my fellow hipsters or blog readers run to music?  If so, what’s on your play list?

I’ll check back soon.


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Ira – Week 18 Report

I can’t believe it’s been over 4 months since my hip replacement.

I’m doing really well.  No hip pain.  Leading up to my surgery, I was pretty nervous about the unknown.  Hip surgery research was great and so was Tom’s encouraging updates but I didn’t imagine how good my hip would fee.    The experience before and after surgery was not as bad as you might think.  I wonder why I wait so long to get this really miracle replacement.

I’m so glad to be running again.  While the hip is pain free, I am having some knee pain and trouble breathing.  I may need to have the knee looked at, but the breathing issues are probably due to the fact that I’m missing most of my right lung which I lost due to a carcinoid tumor.  The tumor issue is another story.

Anyway, the Haddonfield Adrenaline 5k was this past weekend.  The forecast called for rain/snow mix but held off until mid day.  Race time temp was 40 with little or no wind.  Not bad at all.

While I might not have the speed of some of my fellow hipsters, I finished this run with my best time in almost 2 years.  31:36 (10:22 pace).  I was really pleased.   If I can control my breathing, I know that I can improve on this time.

Oh, I can’t forget the really cool tech shirt (bright orange with green lettering – I need to post a pix) but also got a finishers medal.  The Haddonfield Running Co and their sponsor, Brooks, does a really nice job with this event.  Can’t hardly wait for next year’s run.

Other runnning news. I got out this morning for a 4.25 mile run on this first of day of Spring (rainy, cool, 40 degrees).   Looking forward to running the loop around Cooper River Park and other spring running events with my running buddy.

What esle can I say except; Run Happy!

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Ira – Week 14 Report

During week 13, actually day 93 post THR, I finally got outside for a run.  4 miles and felt pretty good afterwards.  I will say that the street felt harder on the hip than the treadmill.  Still, really looking forward to more outside running, but the weather has not cooperated.  Windy and cold.  I can deal with the cold, but not wind chills in the teens and twenties.  So while indoors, I’m also working out on the elliptical to save some pounding on the hip.

I’m glad I’m doing so well and that I’m pain free.  It’s really amazing that I was up and around so quickly.  Cheers to my surgeon, the team at the Rothman Institute and Jefferson Hospital.  Awesome job!!

I was hoping that I’d see greater range of motion in my hip by now.  Don’t get me wrong, my hip is moving very well; I can squat, run and move my leg outward without pain.  I guess I have a lot of stretching and flexibility work to do to repair the years of damage that the original hip caused.  Perhaps I was expecting too much too soon from hip 2.0.

As I move into week 14, I’m starting to plan for the events that I’ll participate in this spring and summer.  Besides the usual local running events, I’m looking for something different that I haven’t done before – maybe a mud run, a zombie run or a vertical challenge stair climb –  to celebrate my new hip.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Ira – Week 12 report

12 weeks after surgery and things are going really well.  The time has really flown by.  I’m still working on a 6 day exercise routine trying to build strength in my hip and leg, so some days my muscles are sore but no pain in my hip.

I’ve been running indoors as it’s been a bit cold and windy here on the East Coast.  I could deal with running in the cold but add in windy conditions and I have to draw the line.  I’ve hit the 5k mark several times; all pain free.  Next goal 4 miles, hopefully outside.

Looking forward to the upcoming Adrenaline Run in March.  When I registered, I wasn’t exactly sure that I’d be ready, but I can tell you that I will be and I can’t wait.

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Ira – Week 9 Report

Well, week 8 came and went; 56 days post surgery and I started to run again.  Slowly and short distances but I’m back at it.  I got outside for a mile and a half, then a few days later another mile and a half on the treadmill, followed by 1.8 miles.  Last night I did 2.25 miles.  All pain free.  What a great new concept!

Prior to surgery I was not a very speedy guy and would call myself a penguin.   As the pain got worse, I got even slower.  I’m looking forward to running pain free and perhaps picking up some speed.  So I set my first post surgery goal – the Haddonfield 5k Adrenaline run in March. This is a nice run that snakes through downtown historic Haddonfield NJ and should draw about 1000 runners.  I can’t wait.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Ira – Week 7 Report

7 weeks post surgery and all I can say is Amazing.  After many years, my nagging hip pain is gone and my legs are now the same length.   I do have some tingling and numbness in my scar and along the side of my leg, but no pain.  After sitting for a while, my hip does tend to tighen up, but after a few mintues of moving around, it feels fine. I’m still working on range of motion.  It wasn’t that good prior to surgery, so I think anything will be an improvement.

I’ve increased my treadmill and bike routines to 30 minutes each and continue do work with resistance bands.  Perhaps in the next few weeks I can get a slow run going.  If all goes well, I’d like do a 5k in March.

I’m looking forward 2013 and running again.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Ira – Week 5 Report

After my 4 week post-op appointment, I ditched my cane.  No longer needed.  I probably could have gotten rid of it sooner, but it was usefully on stairs. My doctor said I can do whatever I feel comforable with and can start running as soon as I am up to it. I do plan to wait  a while and regain strength and mobility.  I wasn’t a speedy runner prior to my surgery, but I look forward to getting back out on the road.

Now 5 weeks after my right THR I’m doing rather well.  My exercise routine runs 6 days a week and consists of various stretching, leg lifts, resistance work with a rubber band, treadmill and stationary bike time.  I’m doing 15 minutes on each piece of equipment and will extend that time shortly.

While have I been back to work since week 3, I am now driving myself the 96 mile round trip.  My hip is a bit stiff after the ride but loosens up pretty quickly.

It is truly amazing how quickly I am recovering and improving.  I can’t wait until I can put my sock and shoe with relative ease.


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