Hope-About me

I had a THR (ceramic) in January 2012 at the age of 48.  As a runner and being physically active, this put a real damper on my life as I was use to running as my outlet for stress and maintaining my weight.  I am so glad I found this site and was encouraged to hear that there are many within my my age group whom have had hip replacements and also continued to run with a hip replacement.

I always enjoyed spin cycling and began my recovery doing some indoor cycling -3 months post surgery.  Although I can get a pretty good workout on the spin bike, nothing beats running outside just before sunset.  Healing really took a long for me.  I  admit trying to run after about 6 -8 months post surgery but had many issues with hip muscles and leg pain.  Went to see my ortho surgeon as I was in a lot pain and could not put any pressure like going up the stairs with my operated leg.  At that time he indicated I had an IT band syndrome.  My surgeon stressed no running-ever.  So I left feeling depressed and went back to cycling and using the elliptical trainer.

Its been two years now and I have been doing some strength training exercises  to strengthen my hip muscles.  I read some encouraging posts on how many of you are actually running, so I started to add a few minutes of running back to my routine.  I don’t think I will be running any marathons or going for those long distances but just started to do half cycle and half running on the treadmill.  I went for my first outdoor jog-took it at a moderate pace and thoroughly enjoyed it.  So maybe there is “Hope” in moderation?


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