Well, It’s Been Over 2 yrs Since THR

I haven’t posted on here in a long, long time. A lot has happened, a lot to update you all on. My hip is doing amazing!! I am back full speed into doing ultras. I am a lot slower now but I can still get the job done!

Since my left THR in May 2013 I have ran five 100 milers and three 300 milers. Yes, you heard that correctly. A few of the races I completed were Umstead 100, 6 Days in the Dome (Alaska multi-day race where I ran 300 miles around a 400 meter track), Across the Years 6 Day Race (Phoenix AZ did 308 miles around a 1 mile loop) and just recently completed the Vol State 500k race where I ran 314 miles unsupported from Missouri to Georgia.

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Gregg- 10 Months 3 weeks 100 miler done!!!

Been about 3 months since I last posted on here and a lot has happened. I have now completed 4 different 50k (31 milers) trail races, 50 mile race and just this last weekend I completed Umstead 100 in Raleigh NC!!!

We have researched and researched and we have not been able to find anyone else who has had a THR that has completed a 100 miler. So I am proud of that.

My hip has held up really nice. I had problems about a month ago when I started trying to do some crossfit along w my running. It ended up putting too much stress on the hip muscles. It stayed inflamed and I couldnt run. So I stopped the crossfit and my hip has been so much better since. I don’t run fast, I keep my weekly mileage down for the most part. I don’t run everyday.

It took a good 9-10 months before my muscles in my hip started feeling alot better and it felt like I turned the corner a few weeks ago.

I do ice baths, take inflammation meds, stretch, get massages, etc. For those that don’t my story, I was an ultra runner before my THR last May. So I was used to the 50 and 100 mile runs. it has been my goal since the surgery to get back to running ultras. I just take my time, listen to my hip, stay on top of my nutrition and just try to finish the races.

I am extremely grateful to be back to running like I am. I have even bigger events and races planned and I will stay in touch. Find me on facebook too under Gregg Ellis (Calhoun, Ga) or on twitter to track my progress @ellis_gregg.

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Gregg- 7 Months 100 Miler??

I attempted a 100 mile race one week ago down in Milledgeville, Ga at the Bartram 100. Unfortunately I didn’t finish the race. However I did make it 68.5 miles, so I was pretty proud of that.

Around hour 19 and mile 65 I started having some real discomfort in my hip and leg in general. My hip got inflamed and other issues started creeping up because of the way I was jogging/walking to overcompensate.

It was nothing major though, no injuries. After a day or two off of my leg/hip and some anti-imflammatories I was back to running again. I am in complete training mode now. I am attempting 100 again in April at Umstead 100 in NC. I also have several 50k’s and 12 hour races in the next 2 months.

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Is it possible to run 100 miles just 7 months from hip replacement?

We will find out on Dec 14-15 at Bartram 100’s in Milledgeville, Ga. It is a trail course, a 6.25 loop which we do 16x). I am going to take it easy and take my time. The cutoff is 32 hours.

I am excited and ready to go. I have done several 50k’s to test it out in the last month or so. I feel good about my chances.

I am just happy to be back into ultras less than 6 months after surgery. I will keep you all posted.


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Gregg- 6 months

I ran my first race in a year! It was an ultra! Sky to Summit 50k in Dillard, Ga. One of the toughest ultras in the southeast. I took my time and made sure I didn’t have any injuries but I made the 10 hr cutoff. It’s the 2nd highest Mtn in Ga and we ran up and down it twice! Took me 8 hrs and 56 mins. Hip held up really good. I am extremely sore though. The climbing and downhill was tough on me. But I am extremely proud to be back into ultras!! 🙂… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Gregg- 18 Weeks

Believe it or not I just did 17.5 miles on the Pinhoti Trail this past Saturday! My gf  Sandie did her first ever ultra, Georgia Jewel 35 miler, and I did the second half with her.

Tough terrain. It was raining like crazy but we did it! We walked and ran. The 17.5 miles we covered in 4 hrs 45 mins. Hip held up great! My endurance needs some help though.

I am running regularly now, 5 days a week. About 25-30 total miles. Still slow and still really short strides.

Getting ready for Umstead 100 in April! 🙂

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Gregg- 17 Weeks and 4 Days

I took 3 weeks off and only did my physical therapy and it did wonders for my aching hip muscles. I had started back running too soon.

I have had a great last few days. 4 runs in 5 days. 4 miles on Tuesday, Wednesday off, Thursday 3 miles, Friday 4.5 miles, Saturday 7 miles on trail! I’m keeping everything really slow, short strides. 4 mph on treadmill and 13:00 min pace on road and 15:00 min pace on trail.

I am taking my anti-imflammatories and they are helping tremendously.

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Gregg- 15 Weeks 4 days

I have had several setbacks lately. I definitely did way too much too soon. I stopped running. It has been 10 days now.

I have been having pretty bad pain in my hamstring, IT band, glute and hip area. I ran 23 miles in one week a couple of weeks ago and tried even some speedwork which was stupid. haven’t been the same since.

I’m dealing with imflammation which aggravates sciatica nerve. So I am taking it easy now. I have learned my lesson. I was ahead of schedule but my impatience set me back in my recovery.

Hey, it’s all good though. You live and you learn. I didn’t do any damage to the joint, just the muscles and tendons.

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Gregg- 14 Weeks

I rode my bike up Fort Mtn this last week which was a huge milestone for me. I hadn’t done that yet since my surgery. I used to ride it all the time. It’s 8 miles of climbing that has about 2,500 ft elevation. I did it twice and it felt great! I was worried about standing up while climbing and it didn’t bother the hip at all. So I was happy.

Well, this past weekend I ran 6 miles on the Pinhoti Trail on Saturday and decided to do it again the next day. So a total of 12 trail miles in less than 24 hrs. I wasn’t too sore either. Not as bad as I thought I would be.

I took a day off on Monday to recover and then ran 2 miles on a treadmill Tues evening. I’m not sure what I was thinking but I ran them alot faster than I should have. I did one of the miles in 8:40 and got it up to 10 mph at one point. (just to say I did I guess) Cause it wasn’t very bright.

I was limping and favoring the hip pretty good when I left. I decided to lay off the fast running and just stick to the slow, short strides. So I ran a slow 5 miles on treadmill last night and it felt so much better. Keeping my stride and steps small, everything up under me. It took me 1 hr. I did 5.0 mph or 12:00 pace.

My actual hip joint is good and strong but these damn hip muscles are still healing and I aggravate them everytime I run LOL. Hey, it’s not easy and it’s not pain free this early in recovery but running can be done. Especially it ya take it easy. I’m a wildcard, I push the limit constantly.

Oh by the way, I almost forgot. I have signed up to run an ultra next month. Georgia Jewel 35 miler. I am walking/running with my gf (her 1st ultra) and we are just wanting to finish. Not too worried … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Gregg- 12 Weeks and 4 Days

Well, week 11 I ran 5 straight days. 1/2 mile, 1/2 mile, 1.33 miles, 2 miles and 3.22 miles. The last 2 runs were trail runs.

It felt good but I don’t think I’m quite ready to make that jump yet. Since then I have had a lot of soreness in the hip and my hamstring got strained. I need to continue to strengthen the surrounding muscles around my hip.

I am going to take a break from the running the next week or so and increase my cycling, swimming, elliptical and PT exercises.

I am finally being smart with my recovery 🙂

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Gregg- 11 Weeks Still (I RAN!!)

Quick update on my progress in the last 4 days since I last did a post. My hip has been feeling better and better everyday so Wednesday night (11 weeks exactly since my THR) I decided to give the treadmill a try.

I was apprehensive at first and started at 3.0 mph but quickly saw that I could go a lil faster than that. I ran a total of a half mile!! I freakin’ loved it! I felt like a runner again. It was slow and I took real small strides. it took me 9 mins but I could care less about my time. I WAS RUNNING AGAIN! 🙂

The next morning the first thing I did was check my hip out for soreness or pain and it felt fine. So I went straight back to the gym (5:30am) and did it again! Same speed and everything.

All day at work I was on cloud nine and I couldn’t wait to go back. So, right after work I went home, changed clothes, and headed right back to the gym. This time running 1.3 miles in 20 mins!!

The next day, Friday, my hip was a little sore so I did just 1 mile. Saturday morning (today)I woke up and it felt great! I was itching to try a lil trail running. My girlfriend and I went to a local trail and ran 2.0 miles in 33 mins 23 seconds! The run was awesome! I ran slow, good form, short strides and walked most of the hills.

I am loving life!! 🙂


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Gregg- 11 Weeks

I couldn’t be happier with the way my recovery is going. My PT has really increased (which has helped tremendously) and I am training 7 days a week trying to get my hip and surrounding muscles built back up.

I am swimming, aqua jogging, doing elliptical, biking and a ton of hip exercises.

The last week has been my biggest improvement yet! My walking is soooo much better, hardly favor it at all now.

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Gregg- 8 weeks

I ran into my ortho surgeon yesterday while going into the cafeteria at work and he said that it was “phenominal” how good I was doing. It definitely made me feel good but I definitely have my good and bad days. He just happened to catch me on a good one 🙂

Some days I don’t really have any problems except maybe some soreness. Some days that muscle that goes down to my knee on outside of my leg really hurts. Some days I limp, some days I don’t.

I have been running in the pool, swimming, biking a lil bit. I still go to PT twice a week. My hip is definitely healing and getting stronger but it also reminds me ALL THE TIME that it’s no where healed yet. Boy it takes awhile to for all those muscles and tendons to feel better and heal up.

Swimming exercises, aqua jogging, etc has helped more than anything. I love it.

I hired a running coach last week to help me with my running form (getting away from heel strike) and help get me back to running. We start this upcoming Mon with my training! I’m excited! We will do everything but run right now.

I’m starting to feel like an athlete again 🙂 rock on…..


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Gregg- 6 Weeks

I just passed the 6 weeks mark and I’m doing really good. Going to PT twice a week, swimming a little bit, biking (stationary and outside) just not doing any hills where I have to stand up or put strain on my hip.

I have been alot more sore this last week because I have made it a priority to try and walk correctly with better form which has really taxed some muscles that haven’t been used in awhile.

Overall, I’m happy with my recovery. I put the cane away about 10 days ago and I also went back to work almost 2 weeks ago.

I have a target date of the end of August to possibly try and run some. That will be right at the 15 week area. I have another Dr appt toward the end of July and hopefully I will get a good report on my range of motion, strength and we will see how the xray looks (hopefully bone is fusing in good)

I can not wait to run! I’ve already hired a running coach to help with my form, strengthening exercises, cross training, etc. I have been keeping an eye on my weight to make sure I keep it under control.

I will keep you all posted!

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Gregg- Week 4

Great report from doctor couple days ago. I get to return to work Monday. I’m so glad. I just got done walking 2 miles with my cane. Felt wonderful being outside.

Working on all my strengthening exercises. Riding stationary bike 30 mins a day. I manage about 7 miles in that time. I keep it on level 1 averaging around 90 rpm. Great for range of motion.

I’m keeping my weight down, eating good. I have lost a total of about 12 lbs since surgery. Want to be light as possible for THAT day I run again. I currently weigh 188 and stand 6’1. My normal race weight is 175.

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Gregg- Day 27

It has been raining lately and today the sun came out! I decided to go for a walk around the neighborhood with my cane. I walked a mile in 27:18. It felt great! Tomorrow is my 4 week checkup with my doctor. I hope all goes well.

I’m dying to go back to work. I work at a hospital and he is an Ortho there so he has to sign off and release me. Fingers crossed! My job entails a good bit of walking but he and my boss said they would work with me and let me sit at a desk primarily.

My incision looks great. I was pleasantly surprised. Dr did a great job on it. I have been working out the last 5 days doing push ups, curls, abs, stretching, etc.

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Gregg- 3 Weeks

Well, today makes 21 days since my surgery. My hip is getting better and stronger by the day. I had a really good physical therapy session this morning. I have been on a cane for about 5 days.

Today is National Running Day so I committed to walking a mile in total. It took me 4 walks to complete the mile but I did it. I also was able to do some exercises tonight that I previously couldn’t. Such as sit ups, push ups, superman flying thingy on my belly with my arms and legs extended like I’m flying, some stretches, leg lifts.

I have my 30 day post op check up next Tues. I will also be starting my PT at the hospital instead of them coming to my house. I hope to be released to work in a couple of weeks. I’m getting cabin fever here at the house.

I hope to be able to start swimming and maybe stationary bike next week!

I am pleased with my progress. This week I have really progressed more so than any other week. Let’s keep it rolling! 🙂… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Gregg- Day 16

I graduated to a cane today! Ah, it is so much better than the walker. I seem to be getting a lil better everyday. Hip not as painful as it was. I’m sleeping better too.

My pain pills have went from 8 a day down to 3, so I’m happy with that. I plan on getting outside and walking tomorrow with my cane. See how far I can go. Would love to get a 1/2 mile or even a mile maybe. We will see.

I really have to work on my side or glute muscles, the dr had to split my glute down the middle during procedure to gain access to my hipbone. He then sutured it back. It is extremely weak. During my PT today I couldn’t do one of the exercises at all. My therapist had me lay on my good side and try lift my left leg and I couldn’t get it up AT ALL. It was frustrating. I’m good in all the other exercises except that one. So, I have some work to do.

Until next time…..

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