Glenn – great first walk

It was a great start to my return to running! while is was only a 1.1 mile walk at a turtle’s pace of 19 min mile, it was something and felt pretty good. A tad tight afterwards, not to mention a bit tiring but it is good to be out with some of my canton peeps! feeling good today, no ill after effect today, looking forward to doing 2 miles saturday!… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Glenn – 4 week surgeon visit

great news from the dr’s visit today, he gave me the go ahead to hit the road again! not much, just a mile walk (no hills). This will be hard around here, considering the geography of canton and that our house sits on the side of a hill, but will make do! my running group is meeting here tonight so I’ll have company for my first outing! they are so supportive!

the dr doesn’t think I need to see a PT but I convinced him that I should at least see one a couple of times if for nothing else to give me an idea of a routine to follow, he gave me a script for 2 weeks, 2 visit per, starting in a week. I love my doctor!… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Glenn – odyssey of a new hip

The journey to my THR begain in 1996.  Several hours after running a cross country 10K I started to have severe pain in the upper front of my left thigh, so severe that I could barely walk and I was forced to seek medial atttention.  After numerous visits to orthopedic surgeons and too many miles and races to count, I finally decided that it was time to make the move and have the surgery.  I guess I’m not your average THR patient.  In fact, I was an oddity in recovery, I was the patient who had ran 5 miles the day before surgery… That has been the  question since it was recomended 8 years or so ago, how could I run.  In reality, I felt better running than I did walking or just standing still.  I have receiently ran a sub two hour half marathon without a problem.  However, I have noticed that my range of motion of my left (bad) hip and my right leg had started to have unusual problems.  Saying that, I decided that I wanted to be in peak shape prior to going into surgery so that recovery would be seemless as possible.  So far it has worked.  Today it has been 4 weeks since surgery and can walk without much use of the cane.  I was released from the hospital the day after surgery with only one visit from the physical therapist.  Granted, it was an anterior hip replacement, and I would be expected to recover quicker, I am chomping at the bit to get out and do something, if just a long walk.  I will find out tomorrow after seeing the Dr again, hopefully he’ll give me the go ahead to do it.  Enough rambling, wish me luck!… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)