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Yesterday was my 6-wk follow-up post surgery for a right THR.  On Dec 8, 2013, I had an unscheduled THR due to vehicle vs motorcycle accident.  I was T-boned by a car entering a highway (didn’t check twice), my injuries included, right THR and right knee surgery to removed some shrapnel, fractured right ankle, fractured L1 vertebra, fractured #12 rib, crushed nose, numerous muscles reattached in my right hip area, and some minor road rash.  So my recovery hasn’t been near as fast as most.

I was released from my walker yesterday and told to work myself off a cane during the next week.  PT for me has been very limited, but feeling like I need much more (getting very tight/non-flexable).  I have been cleared to attend API (Athletics Performance Institute) and can’t wait to start.  I have a MRI scheduled in the next week to look at my right knee (I believe there is more wrong with it), so I need to wait to see if I have more surgery needed.

I asked my ortho doc about running and received the same answer you all have, “no running, find some other cardo to do), wrong answer…plus he did say if I did start running not to tell him.  I very glad to come across this website, nothing but praises, thanks you.

I have been in the U.S. Air Force for 28 years, but have been on convalescent leave for the past 6-weeks due to my accident.  I will start going back on a limited basis next week and transition to full time when able.  As for completing my PT testing in the USAF, I have already come to the conclusion I will never be “allowed” to complete the running portion and will be limited to a different type of testing.

Pain is very limited now, and I’m off all pain management for now.  I get very tired and painful, but probably due to pushing to hard and moving to fast.  Until next time, be safe.

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