Frank 1st post

I am 67 yrs old, retired and have not run in years. I started running when I was in my 40’s to get back into shape and to lose the weight that I had put on over the years .  I was hooked and ran every day for the next 22 years until my lower back began to give me problems and I was unable to run. In 2004 I had back surgery and after rehab I still was not able to run. I got into the gym and got my back stronger but when I started to run my lower back still gave me problems and  then my hip really  started to hurt and I had a THR in Sept of 2011.  My thr was a   success and by using the anterior approach method and the alignment table I think it actually helped my lower back problems.  I have been going often to the gym but as you know it is not the same as running . After discovering this web site I am pleased to find the support of the hip runners even knowing what the risk are. I am going to start with the treadmill until spring and then move outside. I remember what running did for me years ago when it helped me manage my weight and become a father that my children were proud of. I hope my old friend will treat me as well this time and give me the peace that I long for .  I think that my lower back will be more of a problem then my hip. I will let you know how it goes. You guy’s all look so young and in such good shape!

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