2 years post

Wow two years ago I had my hip replaced and started the journey to get back into running. Along the way I learned about listening to your body and how good things come along but they just take time. Making the list and checking off one thing at a time helped to keep me focused, last year running broad street run again completed the list (good to see you Ira). So now that the list is done I started a new one. Started my ½ marathon training January 6th and I am running with my son “the Saint Luke’s half marathon” on April 26. This will be my first ½. As of now I did not get into the lottery for the broad street run. So no May run for me now. Don’t know if Ira got in and I hope Sarah K is running.
I don’t even think about my hip any more on a day to day basis and the only problem I have is an area of tissue that has no feeling. After a run I also still have an area away from the incision that is cold to the touch. Don’t know if this is from lack of blood flow or the metal inside, anyone else having this problem? We will see what this new year brings. Thank you Tom for this site. … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

1 year 3 month post Doug

It has been a long time since I posted my own recovery.   4 years ago I gave up on the chance to ever be able to run again and new that someday I would require a hip replacement.  Fast forward to August 2012 and the day when I could not tie my own shoes, that is when i knew I needed to bite the bullet and get it done.   Surgery was scheduled for January 31 2013 and being an engineer I searched the web for any info I could find on how the procedure would happen.  I believe it was late December when I found Tom’s site and over a few day read his postings from before the surgery to the present week.   I first thought to myself there had to be some type of catch to his approach, I had researched stem cell implants both in the us and in Europe and other ways of saving the hip, core decompression did not work.   I signed up since I was getting the surgery done in a month and become part of the test group.  The first few days of his posts after surgery should be in a handbook sent out to every patient getting a hip replacement.  It spells out in detail what will happen on day one, two… the pamphlet they give out in the hospital is inadequate.  So Tom thank you for your web site and thank you Brooks for helping Tom out.

My list I made a little over a year ago has one more item to check off.  The Broad Street Run in Philadelphia 10 miles.  So after tomorrow I will make out a new list and continue on the journey with a path that I did not think would every exist.  Let alone thinking of a half marathon and my son wants to do a full before he is 18.  So I have three years to make 26.2.  Hope to see you Ira tomorrow and I know Sarah K will be cheering us all on. IMG_0465_crop(Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Doug One Year post OP.

Wow what a year, sorry that I have not posted in a while. I am now at my one year mark and I cannot say anything bad. Hip feels great and I can run if I want to. What I have learned in the first year.
Read Tom’s first days in the hospital and first weeks at home, they are better than any pamphlet you will get at the hospital. Find a doctor that is in a sports medicine group (insert your favorite local sports team and if the quarterback, pitcher wide receiver where would they go). That is who you want working on you. Read and research the procedure and the hardware. Work out as much as possible before the surgery it makes recovery so much faster. As I believe Pat said they are going to shit can it anyway so work out. After you get it done set goals. Start small and work up to something big and don’t stop after three months. Listen to your body and if you were not doing it before the surgery start the activity very slow. Started playing soccer because I felt great but my hip muscles were not strong enough yet and my knee paid for it. It sidelined me for two months.
Most of the people posing are having great runs, personal bests… and there are others who are still in contact with the group that are going a little slower but still recovering. My goal from the beginning was to run broad street 10 mile run for cancer on May 4Th. Last night I registered with my son for the lottery to get into the run. It is now in writing and posted so there is no backing out now.
Just remember find a sports medicine group, read Tom’s early posts and have a good family to take care of you. Without my wife and kids I don’t know what I would have done.
One year later multiple snow storms one ice storm 3 ½ days without electricity all in the last week and this is easy to deal … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)


I have not posted in a while and just wanted to give everyone an update.  Running three times a week 3 miles each at a 10:30 pace.  Not the 7:00 min mile from years ago but just happy being able to run.  4 years off without running takes a lot out of you.   Knee is swollen and sore and having a little problem walking.  Think it was the 2 hours of soccer practice on Thursday, 3 miles on Friday and then 4 hours of dancing at a wedding on Saturday?  Ira here is a picture from Cape May earlier,  can’t wait to do the ocean city bridge some time this year. 20130829_135219_resized(Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Doug Week 20

Sunday 2.75 miles and after the run calves hurt for a few days.  Wednesday 3.2 miles and calves started to hurt during the run.  I should have backed it off a little but didn’t.  So for the next three days limped around and had sore calves and knees.


Week 21,  tried to run on the beach on Saturday walked most of the 3.2 miles we did and now back to sore calves and knees.  Going back to regular running shoes when everything heals up and introduce the minimalistic shoes a mile or two per week.  When they say take it slow when switching they mean it.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Doug Week 19

Took Alistair’s advice and switched to a minimalist  shoe as a fathers day gift.  With me being a heal strike running changing to this type of shoe forced me to run with a forward strike.  As Alistair says in the book the forces felt by this type of change are dramatic 300 %  VS 60%  of body weight.  I was a little skeptical about the numbers but when I ran I could feel the difference.  Their web site says to limit your running with the shoes until your body adjusts to the running change.  For me I was learning how to run again from the beginning so it looks like I have a new training tool.  Sunday 1.3 miles with the new shoes with a 11.06 average pace. Then a nice 5 mile bike ride.  Perfect fathers day gifts.  Monday 30 minutes in the pool working 50% of the time with flippers great workout for the leg.  Wednesday ran walked 2 miles with an average of 10.49 min mile.  Then went for a 30 min swim in the pool.  Today calves are a little tender and stiff but I feel great.  Told my son that I wanted to run a 5K in September, so we are signing up for the 9/11 hero run in Doylestown.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Doug Week 18

Took a few weeks off from reporting in to the group.  Stopped out patient therapy due to the kid’s schedule.  One needs to be in the pool at 5:15 three days a week at the other at 7:00 so I either go to the gym at the Y or go into the pool to do laps.  Tried biking two weeks ago and no pain after 9 miles so I am very happy.  

Read Alistair’s book yesterday and the mechanics of how we should be running makes sense.  So I laced up the shoes and went out for a short run (my second try at running).  I am definitely a heal strike runner.  Made it 1.4 miles with only walking the last part of a hill and most of my body felt good while on the run.  So the second run went much better than my first.  Average speed was 11.23 min mile this included the walking section.  Still had my 8min mile max speed when I first started out, brain still thinks it is 4 years ago before the first surgery.  I will try to fix my running style to a more of a toe strike over the next few weeks and we will see if this works. 

Doug… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Doug Weeks 8-12

Started of the week with a trip to New Orleans still walking with a cane for anything over a ½ mile.  Ate, drank and listened to music for 5 days.  After the trip I put the cane away in the garage hoping to never use it again.  Back to therapy twice a week and with all restrictions lifted we started to expand the range of the work out.  Working on getting rid of the severe atrophy in the leg.  Groin still hurts during exercises and muscles on the side “adductor group” of the hip very weak.  I believe the adductor group weakness is causing the limp.  

Went to the doctor’s week 11 and everything looks good adductor group is firing properly just weak didn’t bother asking doctor if I can run since he doesn’t think people should be running in the first place.  Promised myself I would not try to run until after the three month mark where the bone and hardware have had a good chance to fuse.  Well my running shoes started to call me and I gave in one day early and went out for my first run in three years.  Now people have posted how all of the threads are positive and how well things are going.  Well this is not one of them.

Strapped on the garmen 305 laces up the shoes and planned on running a slow mile to see how it goes.  Started the run and immediately found out the range of motion in the right leg was not same as before.  Could not get comfortable with the foot strike on the ground.  The limp is now magnified and I felt like a kid riding a tricycle with a square front wheel. tricycle

So it didn’t last long 1/8th of a mile and then a walk.  Tried again and now other things were hurting.  Hip felt great and today one day later I am a little sore all muscle still with a slight limp.  But I can say that I  ran 1/8th of a mile farther then I have in the last … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)


This is a very good week, therapist changed my order of my work out and added the elliptical.  Started the week walking on the treadmill at 3 miles per hour and ended yesterday’s session at 4.2.  Could be 4.5 miles per hour by Sunday.  Have not attempted to run on the tread mill and will keep to my schedule for not doing so until the last week in April (12 weeks post op) when the bone should have fused to the hardware.  Doctor’s appointment Monday and I should have all restrictions lifted (?).  great posts by all the runners can’t wait to join them.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Doug 3 Week Post

Three weeks out and still working on exercising and strengthening only.  Staples removed incision looks great.  Still walking with the cane but using it less, able to walk up and down stairs alternating legs.  Driving restriction removed and i can now get to therapy by myself.  Working on getting rid of all of my bad habits learned when my hip was causing me problems.  Also able to put on my shoes and socks without the use of aids.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Doug Day 7-8

Both the nurse and PT were here today.  Incision looks great and little to no seepage around staples.  INR still low at 1.4 so another adjustment to meds.  I can now raise leg during straight leg raise, without the use of a band.  Added bridging squats 90 degree leg raises and ankle raises to the mix knee started to hurt and was told this is to be expected. Friday day 8 did the entire PT and looked forward to walking outside. I woke up to snow, sleet and rain, which developed into 4 inches of snow.  No walking again today.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)