Dennis H.

I went for my 1 year check-up recently, my doctor took time to really discuss the first year with me. He said that there was no wear showing on the x-rays,after a very active year. I was honest with him about my workout habits, which is every day, with 2 hr. to 3 hr. workout. He said he would say that i was “aggressive” to say the least. I have always loved long hard workouts, post new hip; I include light weights on the machines . My cardio is treadmill usually a slow run pace at different high inclines and elliptical on level 14 or 15, sometimes i  run  outside on the roads instead of going to the gym. Jan, and Feb. I usually went to the gym each day, for a second walking workout of 1 hr. I told him about hiprunner and some of the posts other runners have shared. He implied that he would check out the website, he said he needed to know about things like hiprunner.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Dennis H – about me

After six months of no running,due to my right hip, i had THR on May 13, 2013. For me, everything went great, anterior procedure (CP ) seemed to work wonderfully. I had six weeks exactly until the 2013 Peachtree Road Race, i wanted to keep my streak alive, as this would be 28 in a row. Four weeks after operation, i walked the 6.2 mile distance and my doctor gave his ok for me to try Peachtree . His comment was this should be interesting. I completed it by walking about 4 miles and slow trotting the rest. My running partner and i went back to training, up to 9 mile runs but most about 4 miles. Just have had no problems, Hiprunner gave me so much confidence, i enjoy running as well as doing the elliptical and stationary bike. Many thanks to all for posting ! My time for this years 2014 Peachtree was 1:07:47 but more important, i ran every step. I’m 70 now and live in Gainesville Ga.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)