DaveR PT

1st outpatient PT today. Heat, stretches, 3 easy miles on recumbent bike felt great, then more stretches and ice. Quad is extremely tight, full of blood. Stretch and massage helps. Heating pad while sleeping. I think a bullet would bounce off of it. Ankle swelling subsiding. All normal stuff per surgeon and therapist. Long recovery road hopefully getting shorter. Future running is still questionable. We’ll see. … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Dave R Weekend 6/21-6/22

Seemed to hit a turning point. Pain is decreasing. Still having difficulty finding a comfortable sleeping position. Bruise and incision look good, but ankle is still swelled. Looks like a bad sprain. Great weather is certainly helping. In home PT Sat. AM. Therapist likes the results, one more home visit and I’m released. Surgeon follow-up Friday and get a scrip for outpatient therapy and release to drive. Although a very restful night, unfortunately what may be a minor setback this AM. Woke up with xtreme tightness and swelling in hamstring. Light massage and ice to no avail. Maybe some heat and topical after call to Doctor… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Dave R One Week Post-Op

One Week Post-op. Good days and bad days. Visiting Nurse and bandage off today and all looks good, not too bad of a scar. Surgeon’s follow up in a week. Continuing problems sleeping through the night. Light PT three times a day. Groin continues to be bothersome. One week into this and I’m bored to death. At times the web is a friend, others a foe as it was pre-op. Too much conflicting information on recovery. Still learning to be patient and listening to my body, which seems to be most important. 2nd day of a heat wave in Philly, but felt good to sit outside in the sun for a few minutes, 1st time in a week. Follow up with Surgeon next Friday… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Dave R – Home

Home by lunch yesterday. Could have come home the night before, but better safe than sorry. No swelling and hardly any bruising.  The usual mess being discharged. Ride home OK, but I would recommend a pillow between legs for taking turns and keeping leg from hitting midpoint, bumps not bad. All and all not as bad as I thought, but over did PT day after surgery. Stopped Oxy, vivid dreams and constipation a bit much. Only taking aspirin, Tylenol and ice. Hardest part now is in and out of bed.  Little more pain today, but to be expected as confirmed by Visiting Nurse, should subside tomorrow and continue to improve. I’m good for 1-2 hrs, light activity and then rest. Therapy three times a week and visiting nurse two times.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Dave R – TGIF (I think)

Last weekend, pre-op. THR, Wed., 6/11/14. Will hit the shore for a couple of days and a last grass cutting and weed eating till the kids take over. Getting a little antsy. All pre op tests complete, we are ready for liftoff. Started pre-op drugs and antiseptic showers start Sunday night. Should be two nights in hospital with release on Friday, the 13th. Hopefully not an omen. … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Dave R – Surgery 6/11/14. THR CP-MP-UP

63 year old 5k runner with the occasional 10 mile and 1/2 marathon. 4 miles daily up to a month ago. Thought we may have been able to repair, but Doctor says I’d be back in three years for replacement. CP-MP-UP. Looking forward to it, but not looking forward to it. House is prepped for recovery, toilet extender, shower stool, shower grab bar, walker and cane. Debating about a ice therapy machine for swelling. Anyone have experience ?  PT three time a week and visiting nurse two times a week for a couple weeks. I’ll then go to Aqua Therapy. I should heal quickly, as I am in pretty good shape, although I have been sidelined for the past month. Surgeon says no running, Family Doctor says debatable, we’ll see.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)