Dan B -14 months and counting post bilateral hips

I ran this morning for an hour on loosely packed snowmobile trails and then cross country skied another hour on my classic skis.  I haven’t been able to xc ski comfortably  for several years.  I wasn’t even aware of my new hips!  If we are patient, things get better and better with time.

I saw my doctor at the one year mark and he told to continue running (preferably on soft surfaces as much as possible) and not to come back to him until I was five years out!… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Dan B 10 months post-op bilateral THR

There is light at the end(or the middle) of the tunnel.  I just got back from my fastest run since the new hips.  I ran for almost an hour on woods roads here in Maine at sub-8 pace for the whole run and feel great.  The good days are definitely starting to outnumber the bad ones.

I didn’t really start running until six months after the surgery per my doctor’s instructions. It was hard to wait that long, but in my case it seems to have been a good call.  I have Zimmer ceramic ball and poly cup, anterior approach in each side.  I am currently running about 45-55 miles per week and riding a bike another 40 -50 miles.

I am very interested to hear what others have been experiencing long-term after their THRs.  It is great to have this site for inspiration and motivation, Thank you Tom for putting it together!



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Dan B – almost 4 months after left and right total hips

Last night my wife and I returned home to Maine from a week long scuba diving trip in the Caribbean.  My hips were great on the  trip until I slipped on some loose coral and fell directly and hard on the worst one.  The good news is that it only hurt for a short time.  Nothing came loose, nothing popped and I didn’t have to go back to the shop for a rebuild.  When these things heal into us they are really solid!!

Today, at home, I ran 2 miles out and back on the frozen lake behind my house without any pain. (of course I was going 12 min/ mile pace w/ski poles and spiked shoes, but I’ll take what running I can get at this point)… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)