ChristineG-Doing well as I start running again.

I thought this would never be my life again but I am doing well and have been running outdoors again after my surgeries.  I ordered some new Brooks pure drift shoes to force myself away from traditional running and the strain it puts on your hips and have been having some real success.  I am so thankful for finding this group.

I had begun my running journey just before my hip problems developing and hope to continue now.  I see my surgeon in less than a month for my annual follow up.  Hopefully they will not give me too hard of a time while I am there regarding my level of physical activity.  I am afraid if my dear husband hears them say I CANNOT run he will have a hard time with me continuing.  Let’s hope I don’t hear those words although I know that is exactly what the doc will be thinking.

I am feeling really good about getting back to my early goals and hope to increase my mileage over time.  Wish me luck.!!… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

ChristineG-Thrilled for the progress

I got back to running about three weeks ago.  And today, I completed a goal I have had since starting.  Three years ago pre surgery, I participated in a Women’s Distance Festival in our area.  As I have mentioned, I was newbie in running pre surgery when I found out I had a problem.  Today, I completed the same run as that distance festival post surgery.  I think I did better than before. I am up to running a 5k.

I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for finding this group.

My next goal will be to get up to my previous longest distance run.  It was 8 miles.  To me that is huge as I had just gotten there before all of the problems developed.  If I hit that target, then there is no limit.

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Christine G-Running Minimalist

I ran 1.5 miles on Friday with no pain, surprisingly.  I am sill focusing on running in the gym but ran on the track rather than the treadmill.  I have had some balance problems it seems running on the treadmill.  So far so good.  I will keep working on it.

I am not sure how accepting my hubs will be if I start running outside.  He is concerned about me shortening the life of my prosthetics.   He asked me to talk to my ortho about the running when I see them for my annual in September. But I know what they are likely to say.  I haven’t decided if I will say anything or not.

What do you think?

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Christine G – Got the New Minimalist Shoes

My new running shoes came in the Fed Ex yesterday.  After today’s appointment with my trainer at the gym, I am going to give them a little spin.  Maybe not much at first, there is still a little discomfort in the right hip from running Sunday.  My psoas tendons have really been angry every since the surgery two years ago.  They have not forgiven me yet and act up regularly.  Have any of the rest of you experienced tendonitis in your joints after surgery?  It seems it is more bothersome than the surgical pain sometimes as the surgical pain went away.  The tendonitis hangs on and is easily aggravated.

I saw a non graphic video of what they do to you during an anterior approach.  The position they have to put your leg in twists those tendons and muscles way out of their comfort zone.

Running updates to come.

On a positive note for all of those looking to surgery or just starting their recovery.  There is hope to continue an active lifestyle even if you can’t run.  I bike, circuit train, use the eliptical, stair climber, jacob’s ladder, rowing machine, do yoga, and work with a trainer regularly doing crossfit.  You can find other methods of exercise if you must.

But, I hope to run without pain.



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Christine G-About Me

I am so glad to have found this site.

I am 47 and two years post bi-lateral anterior THR.   I discovered my serious problems with my hips in 2011.  I started working towards a more active lifestyle in 2010.  I took up running slowly in that year and later found a women’s biathlon in our area.  This was a bike and run event, and I gathered the courage to register for my first ever competitive event.  I can’t say I did really great, but I was really encouraged.  I started noticing some pain in my right hip early in 2011 but shook it off as no big  deal and forged ahead.

I live in the Land of Lincoln.  Each year, there is a 10k event with a training program leading up to the event.  I joined the training  group with the goal of running the 1ok.  Unfortunately, the hip got worse as I went through the program and everything came to an abrupt halt about a week prior to the event.  I had to stop and was unable to run the race.  This was a huge disappointment.

I sought an orthopedist to find out what was going on, never realizing that a THR, let alone two were in my future.   I was a candidate for a PAO but this would have put me on crutches for 12 weeks. I did not want to be down that long.  I opted for the THRs so I could get back to moving as quickly as possible.

My doc told me my running days were over.  And of course like many of us, I didn’t listen to him.  I have been running some for the last year and a half.  I have allowed myself to do a short three mile jog once a week on the treadmill thinking it would be easier on my hip.  My hip does ache from time to time from this punishment so I was thrilled to read about minimalist running.

I have ordered a new pair of running shoes to allow myself to work towards implementing the minimalist method … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)