CarolS-about me

My daughter has a running blog (RunStylish)so when I tripped and then found that I needed a THR, she looked for help in other blogs. As with most of you, running is a very important part of my life and of both my daughters and my husband. I am a runner and I don’t plan on giving up. My ortho MD does not appear sports oriented, using the ceramic prosthesis rather than my own bone and telling me it has a limited number of miles on it. Nonrunners love to use the term “pounding” though I will say that now at this age, I am barely picking up my feet when I run which certainly contributed to me tripping.

So it will be a week tomorrow that I broke it. I’m taking about a 3 house street walk with my walker. Looking forward to ditching it. It’s noisy and it looks like I am an invalid instead of a runner. I will push ahead as much as this body will permit. Fortunately my husband is also a runner and would like to have his running partner back. Also fortunately we have already gotten into the MCM in October so for now, that is my goal. … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)