First Post—-Second Time Around

Hello all. I’m happy to participate in this group. I’m a 57 runner/biker/skier with a 7 year old R-BHR and am 30 days out from a L-THR. A decade ago I was a very competitive mountain runner and when I developed problems with my right hip I was determined to avoid a THR. I convinced myself then that my left hip was bomb proof and it was; until 18 months ago. So here I am and much like a personal hero of mine, the legendary American climber Jeff Lowe who despite slowly dying from an ALS-like disease is living life to the fullest, I need to do the best I can with what I have. Unlike Jeff I’m not in a wheelchair. After 4 weeks I’m walking pain free, swimming, and doing stationary biking. I still have a lot of options in my future and I look forward to sharing my new adventures and learning from others.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)