Brett – About Me

Welcome, everyone.  My Name is Brett and I currently live in Columbia, SC.  I had a THR on 24 JUN 2010.  Before that, I was a strictly “run for my own mental health” kinda guy.  I did a 5K when I was deployed to Kuwait – but, other than that, I ran purely for the high.  I was never very torn up about “besting my personal time” (etc).  It was, however, an absolute additions.  So, in 2010, after the THR, a significant portion of my life was over.  The THR was a suprise – I had been misdiagnosed by the military for 4+ years as having “back problems.”  Turns out, it was acute arthritis (made worse by running – etc) and that a THR was the only way to go.  Surgery went well – I recovered quickly – but was told (in no uncertain terms) never to run again – PERIOD.  I tried a gamut of other exercises, but nothing else provided the freedom of running.

So, in DEC 2012, after a couple years of frustration, whining and weight gain (etc, etc) – I cornered another doctor and told him what I wanted to do.  We took extensive hip X-ray (the hardware looked perfect)….and he gave me his opinion.  “Hardware lasts 30 yrs with care…20 if you run.”  That was pretty much all I needed.  Now, it’s a quality of life issue…both mental and physical.  

I am, however, very cautious with returning to “the road” (as it were).  I’m slowly building up to a reasonable run time (10 min mile, for now) and am very conscious of aches/pains in and around the area.  I only run on treadmills and will, most likely, only run outside 1 time a week.  I’m not thinking, whatsoever, of running competetive…for now.  At this point, just the beauty of motion is more than enough.  It’s good to be back…and amongst folks going through similar challenges.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)