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Hi All,

I went to see my Specialist today. He said that I shouldn’t entertain the thought of running or triathlons ever again. – he thought I was mad.

He suggested a metal-on-metal hip re-surfacing as this would allow for a 2nd THR if ever I needed one (I’m 54). He obviously knew about the DePuy recall, but said that others worked very well.

I like the guy and know him through golf, but he will not entertain the ceramic/polyethylene as suggested by Steve (on this site) because of my age.

How do I find a sympathetic Specialist? It’s expensive having consultations so I assume I just call/email and ask them?

Also, as a precaution, I got an x-ray of my knees, which showed very early signs of arthritis. The Dr. (not the Specialist) wasn’t worried and said most people over 30 have early signs. However, given the hips and Specialists advice, is this a big a problem?

Thanks for your help & advice.


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I’m 54 living in Galway, Ireland and have osteoarthritis in both hips. The left is worse than the right. The Consultant said I’d need the left replaced within 2 years and the right within 5 years. In the meantime, no running, take pain-killers when golfing and come back to him when I’ve had enough and he’ll replace the hips.

I’ve been doing triathlons and find it a great way to keep fit. Since the news of osteoarthritis, I’ve lost motivation to get in the pool or on the bike – what’s the point of triathlons if you can’t run?

I’m going to see a different Consultant and need to know all the facts. I’ve accepted that the osteoarthritis will not go away and hip replacements are inevitable – it’s just agreeing when! However, I want to know what is the best possible type of hip replacement to get me back running – CP, CC, MM, anterior, posterior etc.

I’ve read a number of the posts but would welcome any advice, as I have time to make sure I get this right.

Thanks for your help.


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