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I have been remiss in not writing any posts since early in the year -sorry.

My return to running after my THR lasted no more than a couple of months due to increasing pain in my leg and lower back to the point where I now have to have a spinal decompression op, bits taken out of my lower back to relieve pressure on the nerve.  This will be in two day’s time, so I am now thinking how long will it be before I really am running yet again!

Happy days,


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Bill McNeil

A kind note from Naoko prompts me to update my lack of real progress.

I had to ease back after a month from restarting due to a pulled muscle in my good hip.  That gave on to lower back pain, which physio is improving, but I seem to have had a return of the polymyalgia which takes away all strength from my limbs.  A planned return to racing two weeks ago had to be aborted.  Have tried to improve leg strength by cycling, but this only highlights how weak I am.

Am not giving up, however, and watching the London Marathon yesterday has given me further incentive to get back.


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Bill – Running (tottering) again.

A good day today.

Had a hair cut, slipped a 12 mm wedge into the running shoe of my short leg, drove to a quiet spot and set off to run for the first time in 18 months.  Some trepidation as, although it is almost 6 months since my op. I had not run for a full year before that because of other health problems.  It was worse than the last miles of a marathon when you have had no long training runs, but I managed two miles at about 11 min pace.  Legs useless and even not breathing properly, but at least it is a small start.

I think that the word is GERONIMO!

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Bill McNeil

Got a temporary soft orthotic for my “short” leg this week.  The specialist thinks that I can get away with an insert which would fit all my shoes/boots.  The trial increase in height is 12 mm and I have to try it for a few weeks to let it all settle down, as my pelvis has been tilted throughout my post op. recovery.

After only two days I feel much better.  My limp has almost gone and I now feel unusual walking in bare feet with no lift.  Another week or two of strengthening my leg should see me tottering about in my running shoes, I hope, fingers crossed, etc.

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Bill McNeil

Just a few days after my joining Hip Runners and I have received lots of advice and kind comments.  Many thanks to all.

I had hoped to start running again soon, i.e. after six months is up, but am a little deterred by Tom’s comment that it took him a full year to get fully back.  I can’t have many of them (years) left!

I do know, however, that it is possible to improve,even at my age, as I started a new training programme at 80 and managed to knock off over 3  minutes (47.56 to 44.27) from my previous year’s time for a local 5 mile race.  So I hope that, with your encouragement,  I can get back in time for next master’s age group championships.  (Ever hopeful).


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Bill McNeil

Where to start?

I took up running late in life, joined a club and was hooked from then on, but after over almost thirty years of running, with some success, at the age of 83 the roof fell in.  Firstly with lumbar stenosis, then with polymyalgia rheumatica and finally with a total hip replacement just over five months ago.

I am now walking fairly well and doing my prescribed exercises, but progress seems to by dreadfully slow.  My leg is stiff, still a little swollen and has little strength, while my “good leg” suffers from lack of exercise.  I have tried to jog a little, but with some discomfort and with a leaden leg.  As my bad leg is now about an inch longer than my good leg, my consultant has advised me to wait until I can get an orthotic to balance things up before I try to run in earnest.  My right leg has always been a little longer than my left, good for running bends on the track, but this is too much!

None of my family are runners and, at my age, they all think that I am mad to contemplate running again, but I have to try, as it has become so important to me.  My son (55) and my daughter (47) are supportive, but are not runners themselves and my wife just puts up with me.  My two closest club running companions are very supportive, but any help or  advice from others in a similar position to myself would be most gratefully received.

Well, that seems enough boring chatter for now, so best wishes to everyone,

Bill Mcneil.

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