2015- first run!!

This was the first run of 2015 for me. The Grand Geneva S-NO-W Fun Run. This comes 11 months post left THR!! I am so happy to say that I completed my first 5 mile race ever!!! My goal was to break 1 hour, which I did-57:20. I could have been sub 57 but I had to walk up 2 ICE covered hills. What a way to start the year!!

My main goal for 2015 was to finish a 10k. Looks like I am almost to my goal, and it’s only January.

I have my 1 year post op visit next month.  I am so looking forward to that visit. As of this post, I have lost 21 lbs from my previously inactive, pain riddled body!!! I will post again after I hear what Dr. “Nay-Sayer” has to tell me. He is in the don’t do any running mindset group. I am hopeful he will be more understanding once we meet again.

Happy running to all!!






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9 months!!!!

Well I have been absent for the past 3 months from Hip Runners, sorry about that. I hit the brick wall about the first of September and needed a physical and mental break from running and biking. I think all the physical as well as mental changes I went through post THR caught up with me. Plus, I had a busy 3 month span taking my son to and from X-country practice, meets, pasta parties, etc. Freshman in highschool  X-country runner!!!!! One proud dad!!!

I am glad to say that the left hip is still wonderful. Still no pain, and I am still running. Took part in a Veteran’s Day 5K on Nov. 8th.  First 5K finished without any walking since before inury. So that was a great feeling. This was also the first time I was able to run with my son in an event. WIAA rules prevented him from running during the school season. He beat me by almost 9 minutes. We have another run on Nov. 15th. Hopefully he takes a wrong turn on the course; it might give me a chance to beat him.

Tom- great new site!! I may even look up Hip Runners on Facebook. Well, I’d have to create a Facebook page first, so baby steps!!


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Anthony M.- 6 months

Well it has been 1 week short of six months since the left THR. On August 9th I rode in a fundraising bike ride for the Wilderness Trail System in Land O’ Lakes Wi. I finished the 44+ mile loop in just over 3 hours. I was super stoked as not once during this ride, my longest yet this summer was 26 miles, did I feel any fatigue in the hip. Leinenkugel’s beer and brats followed this ride!! Gotta love sponsors!!!

The following morning I met up with family members in Boulder Junction Wi for my first 5K. My goal was to finish with a 12 min. pace. I didn’t care if I walked, crawled, or was carried. I wasn’t sure how the legs would respond after the bike ride the day before. Well I made my goal. I finished in 36:02. Legs were pretty heavy and I did walk a couple times. But the hip was fantastic!! Only issue I had was when the route changed from county roads to trail running. I was a bit apprehensive with the uneven ground. I had not done any trail running yet this summer. I guess I have a new goal to add to my summer to do list.

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Anthony M.- Success!!!!

Yesterday I ran at a 10:42 pace for 2.16 miles without any walking!!!! Hell yeah!!! That was the first complete run of over 1 mile that I have been able to do since Sept. 2012. Wasn’t fast, but it wasn’t walking either!!!!  I have been doing run/walk intervals up to the 3 mile mark for the past two months along with many bike rides. Yesterday I felt great and decided to keep going durning my walk intervals. I think some of my reluctancy on previous runs could be attributed to being afraid to push the limit. What an amazing feeling when I was done. Pure joy!!

BTW- took a spill while out on a 15 mile bike ride 2 days prior. Took a sharp left turn and front tire kicked out. I put out the left leg (surgical side) and heard a god awful pop in the left hip area. I can now say that I heard the wonderful sound of an MOP hip. This was the first time that I had the pleasure since my replacement this past February.  I had to peddle home for 8 miles after and it felt ok. So I ran on it yesterday!!

Tom- Thanks for the video link of our 91 yr old Hip Runner. Absolutely Amazing.

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Anthony M.- 5 month post

I saw the surgeon for my post surgery visit, approximately 5 months. Everything went well!!! With the slight hesitation on his part when I told him I started running again. It seems, Dr. L@#es and I are not on the same page when it comes to running after a hip replacement. I think he will get over it. Next appointment schedule for Feb. of 2015!!

I feel great physically and mentally for the first time since Sept. 2012!!! I have still been alternating running 4-6 min. on/then 2-3 minutes off. I guess I’m glad that the 5k that was planned for July 12th was canceled due to lack of runners. I have not been able to convince myself to increase my run intervals. I am up to approximately 2.5-3 miles, 2-3 times a week. I also throw in a 2 long bike rides a week averaging 15-20 miles. The best part of being able to be active again is seeing the look on family and friends faces when you tell them, “Oh yeah, I just went for a 20 mile ride today!” I find that there is still a stigma when it comes to us Hiprunners because of our replacements. I love the, “WOW and your hip doesn’t bother you at all”, comments.

I also join the Strava family this month as it is a compatible site for my Health insurnace Wellness Program. I like saving money for going for a run or a bike ride. Better health=saving $$.

Keep Staying Active,




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Anthony M- 4 month update!!!

Hi all-

It has been 4 months since left THR. Life is good!!! Yesterday I did a combined run/walk that went 2.5 miles. And this was my second run in two days!!!! Back to Back runs baby!!!!!!  Other than my heartrate still a bit too high at times, everything (hip related) was great. I am still on track to do my first 5K in almost 2 years. It is scheduled for mid-July. I’m not looking to beat the world, just be able to finish. If I have to throw a few walk intervals in this upcoming run, so be it. I know it’s a start to good things to come. One positve about the course is it is being run on UW Parkside’s cross country course. So it should be a little more forgiving than running on the road.

Hope all hip runners are doing well!! Happy Father’s Day to all!!!




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Anthony M.- week 12.5

Greatest Run Ever!!!!!!!!!

I hit the treadmill for the first time post surgery. I started with the basics. Run/walk intervals with a little w/u and cool down. I finished 2 miles and felt like I conquered the world. Something like a 10-11 minute mile. Not bad for me. I was never a fast runner anyways.

Why is it such little moments in our lives are the most rewarding? I only wish Dr. !@!@ felt they same way. He would not be a happy surgeon right now. I can’t wait to see him out on the trails this summer.

I must say not everything was sunshine and roses during this treadmill adventure. My left glute tightened up (surgical side). My left IT band gave me some issues, even though I hit the foam roller before and after. This morning I feeling the fruits of yesterdays labor. I’m sore but not having any hip pain. It seems that the Elliptical and biking have help get back in some shape (already -12 lbs from day of surgery) but not quite there. Such a slow process after being sedentary for so long.

I hope to get outside tomorrow for a little run. I will wait to see how the hip area feels. Weather will play a big factor too. We had frost warnings last night again. Gotta love Mid-west spring weather.

Happy running!!



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Anthony M.- sunshine!!!!!

First time riding outdoors since THR. That was 9.5 weeks ago. It was the best ride!!!!!!! To be honest I almost didn’t take the bike off the Mag trainer instead deciding to do yet another indoor ride. But I looked at the sunshine and mild temps and decided an early ride would be less crowded on the multi-use trail I like to use. Did I mention I forgot to check wind direction:-)  Lets just say the out and back is a nice ride but today the back sucked. I averaged 14.56 mph for the 13.7 mile ride. Avg. HR was 166 and I melted away over 1,000 calories. I sure have missed being able to just be me.

Yesterday I did the annual mid-west spring garage clean-up. Changed the oil in all the yard machines, lower unit of my fishing boat ( still 20 inches of ice on our lake in Northern Wi) and washed my car. Did I mention yet in this post that there was NO PAIN!!!!!! These are the little things that last summer I was unable to due to pain, followed by first surgery, then more pain, etc. We all know the troubles around the house we had not just the issues we dealt with in our running, etc.

I’ve marked July 12th off on my calendar. There is a multi distance race at UW Parkside cross country course, from a 100 mile relay down to a 5k. My goal is to run in the 5k. Approximately May 18 is my 12 week post surgery mark and that begins my 5K training. I hope all goes well and stays pain free.

Wish everyone happy running, biking. Just remember to check the wind direction and plan accordingly!!!


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Anthony M.- Run for Boston campaign

To all Hip Runners:

Here is a link that the running app, Nike+. They are conducting a Run for Boston Campaign tomorrow to honor all the Boston runners, first responders, etc. that were affected by last years horrible tragedy. Some of us are further along in our recovery from replacements and may be interested in helping out by logging a few miles on Monday. I’ll be doing a 5K walk as I have not started running yet. I have never run any sort of 1/2 or full marathons prior to my replacement, and I’m not sure that it is something that I will ever attempt. But I am a first responder where I work so this is a bit near and dear to my heart. Thanks to all who will be willing to give back to those who suffered last year!!!

Here is the info that I have:

Run with us to make a difference for those affected by last year’s tragedy.

Here’s How:
1. Run with the Nike+ Running App on Monday, April 21st.
2. Tag #strongereveryrun in the Nike+ notes section.
3. Nike will donate $1 per mile to the Challenged Athletes Foundation.


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Anthony M.– Pain;-(

The past week or so I seem to be having a pain in my left leg. I hate to say hip because of bad memories attatched to that statement. But as many of us know, its related. There seems to be an increased discomfort anytime that I put added pressure on my left side. Examples are: lunges, one leg calf raises, occaisonlly step-ups. If for some reason I put the majority of my body weight to my left side, I feel a weird sensation located in the upper quad area in the hip crease. I have no problem walking, riding, bending, etc. Is it tight muscles, tendons??? I stretch a couple times daily, and before and after riding or walking any distance.

Any ideas of what could give me relief from this “zing” in the hip area, I would appreciate it. Or just what the hell is going on!!!!

I don’t see the doctor for 2 more months and don’t want to call if its nothing.

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Anthony M.– Successful week at work!!!

I just finished my first successful week back to work. For those who do not know, I am a Corrections Officer. This is the first time is a long, long, long time that I was able to work the floor pain free. From end to end, our building covers appoximately 1/2 mile long. I can not tell you how many times this week I was up and down the halls. Success!!!! Prior to surgery, I was on limited duty and unable to work the floor. I couldn’t do stairs nor could I respond to any emergencies (run). Fast forward 47 days, and when I say fast forward I truely mean it. I’m back!!! Stairs, responding to anything that happens within our facility, and general walking are all no problem.

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Anthony M.- Graduation Day !!!


Today is a great day !!! I just left the surgeon’s office with my diploma in hand:-) I’m 44 days post surgery. Yesterday I received my walking papers from my physical therapists.  I start back to work on Monday the 7th. I guess the doc feels I’m able to chase bad guys  again. I couldn’t agree more. Best decision I ever made!!!! Anyone in the southeast Wisconsin area need a great surgeon, feel free to contact me. I’ll recommend a great one. I must admit that seeing the xray of my left hip for the first time was a little tough to swallow. Bones on the right and Oxinium and plastic on the left:-)

On a side note, I did the Fat Old Guy jog today. I had to park in the farthest space from the door at the hospital. So after my appointment I jogged back to my car. I didn’t feel a thing.  Talk about a runners high!!!!! First time doing anything but walking or riding a bike for over a year.

I have increased my riding, I’m up to 40 minutes on the trainer. It feels great riding and not thinking about the painful afterwards. There is no pain. I’m going to try and wait until the end of April before I start any attempt to run for exercise.  That will put me at the 10 week mark. I hope that will not be too soon. I’ll have to see what the body tells me by then.

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Anthony M.- About Me

WOW, what a great site!!!! I’m 34 days post L THR. Surgery was the 18th of February 2014. This was the second surgical procedure I had on the left hip. I had an arthroscopic approach done last July 2013 in an attempt to save the hip, epic fail:-)

It’s amazing reading so many stories of successful replacements that have allowed so many to keep running. I am currently 42 years young and I started running 4 years ago at age 38. I was a competitive racquetball player for over twenty years, giving up the dream at age 28. 10 years of very little activity and many pounds added made me make some changes. That and the threatening tone from my doctor:-) I was on the right path having lost 40 lbs and was feeling great. Then it happened. I was running in a 5k charity race when I stumbled and jammed my left leg. That was in September of 2012. Doctors visits, X-rays, MRIs, cortisone shots, anti-inflammatories, denial, then acceptance all followed. Diagnosis was Femoral Acetabular Impingement with Labral Tear. I had never heard of any of this.

Fast forward to July 2013, surgery!!! Arthroscopic procedure to repair the Labral tear and reshape femur head.  All went well, therapy last 14 weeks. After therapy was complete, I went deer hunting. Walking through the woods seemed like a good idea. However, looking back, it may not have been very smart. My adventure did however reveal other problems. Arthritis!

New doctors, new diagnosis. Apparently I suffer from shallow hips, most likely from childhood hip dysplasia. The arthritis was awful. Hip replacement was inevitable. I went with a metal on plastic replacement via the anterior approach.

So, now I’m pain free and back riding the trainer at home and walking 2 miles every other day. Weather permitting of course here in balmy Wisconsin. Finishing up physical therapy in a couple weeks. Looking forward to getting back to running sometime this summer.

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