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So, another month on and I am now 9 months post left THR. The strength and running are working out and I have my weekly mileage up to 25 now. Its still better off road and I am running pain free.

Yesterday I managed a wonderful ambition running a 20 mile trail race called the “Grizzly”, (with good reason) alongside my 25 year old daughter. In 2012 I completed  a slightly longer 20.6 mile course in 3:15, and this year I am delighted to say we completed the race in 3:57. We finished middle of the 2000 runners with a massive smile and it was a real pleasure that 12 months ago I thought I would not get to experience.

The picture as we approach the finish says it all.(only the last mile was on tarmac, honest)


I am fortunate to say that my rehabilitation has gone well. I have a half marathon planned for the 15th March and an 11 mile trail night head torch race scheduled for the 21st March. I will then have a few weeks off to make sure the hip is OK. Recent experience suggest so long as I don’t expect to be back to my pre-op pace, then getting out and enjoying being among my fellow runners is something I can enjoy for years to come.

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Andy G’s Post

8 months post op.

10 mile road race to test the new hip properly. Pb 3 years ago at 69 mins so this was going to be interesting.  Physician recommends keeping my time on tarmac to a minimum. Its a cool, breezy but sunny morning as 555 line up on the start line. I set myself a goal of 90 minutes.  I do a mile warm up and decide to start slowly. one mile in and 8.00 mins is slightly faster than anticipated. Remember run as you feel I remind my self. The first sign of any pain and slow down.

10 miles later, 79 minutes (222 of 555 finishers) and no pain.

I only run twice a week and am focusing on static bike and core strength training. It seems t be working so now starting to plan an event diary for the year, Don’t quite want to call it a race diary yet!


Keep the faith folk’s!

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So 2014 turned out to be quite a year. In January I was told by the doctor that a THR was required on the left and to cap that the right will need doing at some point (no  noticeable pain or discomfort on this side at present, and while that remains the case then I will be kept away from the surgeon).

So May 20th saw my operation take place. I have to say I was impressed with the care and was delighted to be released on day 2. (First patient ever I was told).  Being 48 and still running (albeit slowly and painfully) up to 3 days before the op made me fitter and younger than most that they see.

The biggest piece of advice I can give is STICK TO the experts recommendations. I used both crutches for nearly 6 weeks despite feeling as though I was literally just carrying them around within 2 weeks of the op. This ensures you keep your body balanced and don’t overcompensate elsewhere leading to other problems.

I slowly started walking each day, twice a day and extending the distances along with strength work to rebuild the muscles around the new hip.

In September I managed to go trail running for 3 days with a group of my running club mates and although slow it was great to be back out there.

By October I had a number on my front again and completed a 10 mile trail race finishing 205th of 495 competitors. What a great feeling.

On December the 22nd I partook in the end of year fun trail run including stream crossings and running and deep pools (ice bath en route is highly recommended lol).


That’s me as the Grinch and the smile says it all. Whats even better is immediately behind me is my daughter and behind her (in the elf hat) is my wife. A typical family outing!!!

To start 2015 I along with 350 others (including my wife Karen) ran a tough 7 mile moor and bog run up to the highest peak in the County … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

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Hi fellow Hip runners,

Well here I am just under 6 months since my May 20th Total left hip replacement.  I am running twice a week mixed with strength and Gym/cardio work. I am slowly dropping the 10lbs I added due to inactivity. I am so glad I managed to run up to 3 days before the op (albeit through a degree of pain). On Sunday I managed a 10 mile hilly trail race on Dartmoor, Devon, UK. A creditable 1 hour 33 mins and 205th out of 496. the joy of being among fellow runners again was uplifting.. To be fair I have been a bit sore the past couple of days but as much in the muscles as the hip. A few days rest and then back to light training.

Keep with it folk’s the wait is worth it.

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So, I hope you are all battling on.  4 months post thr and I have just spent a weekend in the stunning Yorkshire Dales with a group from my running club. When the trip was booked I expected at best to be going off and walking on my own and rejoining the group for the evening meals and banter.

However, after 10 and a half hours on a mini bus on the Friday, I joined the clan for a 4.5 mile gentle run on trails before adjourning to the pub. On the Saturday I enjoyed a 12.5 mile trail run/walk over a 3 hour period which involved some bog jumping and tree log balancing and was a real hoot.

Sunday say a 7 mile trail run in the morning followed by 2 and half hours gentle mountain biking in the afternoon.

No pain and no repercussions in the following week, in fact I managed a 12 mile trail run with my wife, which sensibly involves walk breaks at this early stage, the following Sunday (yesterday).  Mixing cycling with running, along with pairing back expectations right back is definitely proving a success for me.

Its just great to be out doors and active……

I really hope others are as lucky as I appear to be so far.  Let’s hope its not a false dawn.  The Physio is happy ad so am I



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3 and a half months post left thr.  I am back coastal walking 10 miles every weekend in one session.  Last Sunday I road biked 35 miles in 3 hours over hilly terrain, and the hip felt great.  The legs ache, calves and quads and I need to work on stretching my hamstrings back out as they seem to have shortened even more.  However, I m now running 2 to 3 times a week up to 6 miles and feel I must not get carried away.  I managed a couple of flattish trail miles at 7.23 pace which, while really encouraging, is probably quicker than I should be at this stage.  So far so good with the hip and muscles around it feeling stronger all the time. I never do 2 days in a row though as recovery is as important as training at this time I think.  Just reading everyone’s posts keeps me motivated and positive. Good luck all.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

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3 months post op. I have great news and hope for all.

After exactly 3 months I have no pain and have listened intently to my hip. I have had a physiotherapy visit which included being filmed whilst running on a treadmill. I have been doing a fair amount of walking and also started cycling.  Bear in mind I was pretty fit before the op and am only 49 years old.  My Physio says I run unhindered and you would not realize I have had a thr. 10 days ago I ran 6 miles on the trail (fairly level) at 10 min mile pace.  I was previously a 6.50min/mile half marathon runner. I have started running 4 miles once a week and have been told I can run this distance up to 3 times a week but no more for a while.  I am pain free and moving really well.  Putting my socks on is still a bit stiff and weary but otherwise all is good.

Good luck fellow “hip runners”

I will continue to listen to my hip and adapt accordingly if necessary. Cycling will be my main route back to fitness to keep the impact low for a few months more.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

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2 months post op.

So its 2 months ago today that I had my left THR. To celebrate I managed a 5.5 mile walk (1hr and 23mins) over trails with my dog. Absolutely no pain although the left hip still inevitably feels a little weaker. i still tend to be a bit careful with stairs but on the whole progress has been n. I will stick to the surgeons instructions and wait for 3 months post op before starting my cycling and then some short jogs to start.

I sleep pain free, walk pain free and with no noticeable link. Patience is definitely the key I would say to anyone out there itching to move on… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

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So 6 weeks ago today I had my left THR. What a difference. 4 days ago I saw the surgeon who is delighted with how my new hip looks. The X-Rays are impressive! Most importantly he kept my crutches and I am back driving.

Follow order. I used both crutches for the recommended 6 weeks and already do not walk with any limp. All my pain has gone. I can even put my sock on! However, it still feels weak on stairs and I must take it easy and remember not to bend or twist .

went for a relaxed, pain free, 3.5 mile walk this evening at normal pace.

I have been advised to maintain the recomended exercises which I will do. Patience I feel is the secret to a strong recovery, but so far so good….… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Andy G’s Reports

4 weeks post op and delighted with my progress. The pain has gone and the flexibility is returning. So much more sideways capability. I am religiously following the Physios orders. Still using both crutches as instructed and clearly helps to keep my balance and avoid favoring the un-operated side. Moreover, the crutches are a great prevention from people bumping into you!! Longest walk so far 2.0 miles at a very gentle pace with no repercussions. It clearly helps to keep moving………..… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

AndyG About Me

This is my first post. I am 48 (49 in August) from Cornwall UK. I have run since 2008 properly, having given up playing football (soccer) due to ongoing pains in my left hip. Since then I have averaged 1350 miles run per year. I have run multiple marathons, several ultras, with the longest being a 64 mile coastal  in August 2013.

In October 2013 I had severe hip pain toward the end of a back to back (day 2) 20 mile coastal run. Previously it had just been annoying. To cut a log story short, I had a total left hip replacement on 20th May 2014. (Just under 2 weeks ago). I am off pain killers, and had my wound checked and redressed today. All looking good.

My surgeon knows that I am a keen runner (not exceptional with a marathon pb of 3hrs 23 mins). He has said he would prefer that I don’t run again and return to swimming and cycling. I enjoy cycling and despite having done 10 triathlons, I don’t really enjoy swimming, especially in the pool. He has said that he knows I will run again, so would prefer it was slow, short and off road. Ideally no  more than 3 miles 3 times a week. Interestingly I have seen 3 different physios, each with a different outlook. one says no running and advocates only swimming. Another says stick to cycling and swimming, so reducing impact on the new joint, the other says to mix all three and to enjoy the running, but preferably stay off road. Guess which one runs??? And this physio has had hip surgery too, though not a total replacement.

I am advised to continue to use both crutches for 6 weeks and then see what my surgeon says at the next check up, scheduled for June 25th.

I will follow orders and stick rigidly to the exercise regime given to try and maintain a good recovery.

I hope to return to trail running and will happily give the tarmac a miss. It is good to see other peoples progress … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)