10-Mile Trail Race – No Hip Pain


Hi Hiprunners!

Just posting this finish line photo from a recent 10-mile trail run I did in upstate NY. The very steep climbs were tough, and I got stung by a bee and my arm swelled up, but guess what didn’t hurt at all – my 15-year-old titanium hip. I’ve enjoyed seeing all of your feats – mine’s small in comparison — but I’m having fun!


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Amanda – About Me

Hi Everyone,

It was a revelation finding this group! I’m encouraged to read how well everyone seems to be doing.

I received a total hip replacement in June 2001 at age 30. A childhood infection had caused my left hip joint to become malformed and after a very active youth, including running high school cross country, competing and training with a very intense college xc ski team and, finally, playing lots of pickup basketball, the pain gradually became too much. I was told by my (excellent) doctor at Mt. Sinai Hospital in NY that I should avoid high impact sports, including running.

For a while I stuck to his advice, but I began sneaking in a run now and then. About a year after the birth of my daughter in 2005, my runs became much more regular. Now I run almost daily. I try and keep my mileage at 5 miles or below because I have found if I do more I start to experience pain.

In the back of my mind I’ve thought myself foolish to run, but it has become a vital part of my mental well-being. So I did a calculation in my mind — better to prolong the life of my hip replacement — or maintain my happiness. I chose the latter.

I’m not sure if I’m doing damage to my hip, but I try and listen to my body and scale back when needed. It has been 13 years since my replacement and I feel like I’m running better than ever. I have occasional pain, but not severe. And this pain also visits me on days when I haven’t run. So I’m not convinced running is all bad for my hip.

I’ve been amazed reading about others of you who are logging serious miles and am encouraged. Part of me wonders if the technology has improved since I got my (titanium and plastic) replacement, or if we’re just proving them wrong. I hope we’re just proving them wrong!

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