10K Finisher!!

It’s been a while since I had much to say on here but I thought I would share some good news…at least I think it’s good news. This past weekend I participated in the Disney Princess Enchanted 10K and finished it! I didn’t set any world records with my official time of 1:45:34 (that does include a couple stops for character pictures) but I was still pretty proud of myself. 3 years ago I would never have dreamed of walking that far.  I could barely go 1 mile without pain let alone 6 miles. I probably would have never thought it would be possible to do that with 2 artificial hips without stumbling across this group of people that showed me that it is possible as long as you just keep moving!

I found a bracelet with a quote on it that I think sums up this whole process quite well. I even wore it for motivation. It said “Find joy in the Journey”

Good luck to everybody else on their journey!

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Alison G- Update

This weekend I participated in a 5K for the Alzheimer’s Foundation with a couple friends.  It was a chilly windy day so I decided to just walk it with one of the friends.  I kept pace with her and fell behind a couple times but managed to catch back up.  We both finished the event in 52 minutes.  Since I am trying for a pace of 16 minutes a mile I was pretty excited knowing that it’s getting close. Once I know I can keep that pace for a 5K I need to add distance and see if I can get up to a 10K at that pace.  I am signed up for another 5K in 2 weeks so I now have a personal record to beat.

” The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday.” – Author Unknown


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Alison G – New Member

My story might be a little different than most of the stories on here as I wasn’t a runner before my hip replacement surgeries, in fact I wasn’t even much of a walker beforehand. I was born with severe congenital hip dysplasia in both of my legs. It took 13 surgeries and 4 years until I was able to take a single step. In September of 2011 I had my left hip fully replaced at the age of 28 followed by the right hip 6 months later in March of 2012. Walking was listed as a good thing to do for therapy so since I was out of work I would spend my days seeing just how far I could go. Before I could barely walk a mile without aches and pains and now I can walk a 5K with ease. The main reason I joined this forum was to get advice and inspiration as I am considering training for a 10K that has a strict pace requirement. Granted the pace is a 16 minute mile but that still made me a little nervous until I started reading everybody else’s stories on here. I am now more excited to see just what these fancy new hips are made of and exactly how far they will let me go. I wish you all luck with your journeys. And I will update as I forge ahead on my own journey. … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)