Boxing Day 10-miler (handicapped): What is old is old again.

This is me at the Bear Mountain Golf and Country Club running over a proposed route for the 2020 Pan Am Cross Country Cup of which I am the chair for the bid. So this is not me in the race, but in case you are interested (ha-ha), I wore a similar get-up, to get down and get it on. Those balls, of course, are golf balls and I am running over the driving range.

Ran the Boxing Day 10-miler (handicapped) (16.093km) today in Victoria, BC.

I think my best in this very hilly race is about 63-minutes or so.

After 10 years (+/-) of no racing or intense efforts, I got slow because I got old, but more because I was not running.

A week ago, I ran a 1:40 16.1km run and thought well, I am sure I will better 1:30:00 – and would love to take 1:22:00 – so I ran 1:26:26. It is a double, out-and-back.

Old dog; old tricks. The first two kilometres were my fastest. Oops. Never really learn.

I caught and passed one person, ran faster than a couple others, but about four or five passed me right at the end.

There is some faux-science about slamming or forcing oxygen into the red blood cells by running an intense effort. Like sometimes that effort is needed to shock the system for a future effort – tada!!! I will be racing the Run Through Time 5K on New Year’s Eve – this one is flat!

HR was about 163 average.

Here is the data at Strava:

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