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Hello, Hip Runners!

I have run, and enjoyed many other sports for 50 years now, my first Boston was in 1977, and I have run about 125 ultras, about 70 trail runs over 50 miles.  I figure about 80,000 running miles over the years.

Although I have not posted for several years, I have been active and enjoying my left hip, a Birmingham Hip Resurface, done in 2015, at age 58, 8000 miles ago. was an inspiration when I was 58, and needing a hip, and you were there, THANKS!  That was a blessing, I only missed a few months of playing, and returned almost 100% since then, until now.  I Grand Slammed (I think the only one with a hip to ever do that, and within a year of the surgery);  Since then, I have run about 30 ultras including some hundos, all of my marathons have been BQs, I have played at inline skate marathoning (89 minutes), raced cross country ski ultras, alpine climbing and cycling are going great, play volleyball and run too many beer miles, hung with my running clan as  President of my running club.  There has been lots of living large, I am thankful for the time, resources, and most importantly, my health.

That said, I kindly could use the counsel and the wisdom of this great group again.  I am having big problems in recent weeks, with my metal on metal Birmingham, even though my mileage is way off, and there has been no long runs and certainly no ultras for me for the first time in years….. After running at any pace for 3-5 miles, there is pain, dull pain. Seems to be near the joint. Enough pain creeps in until I have to pull up. Walking helps a little, but stopping is the quicker answer. I can very soon, in a minute or so, start running again, like nothing happened but it returns sooner than before, much sooner. Next day, it is like starting over. Xray is good. Volleyball, biking, sleeping, are all pretty good. Just a problem with distance running. Sound familiar to you, or any one you banter with?  I have reexamined my form with running doctor analysis, reexamined my strength, and beat the PT and cross training hard.  Not bragging, but my form and strength is solid, certainly solid enough.  Arrgghhh!?

Has anyone else been here?

Wishing everyone Happy Trails and Great Health!


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      Hello, Hip Runners! I have run, and enjoyed many other sports for 50 years now, my first Boston was in 1977, and I have run about 125 ultras, about 70
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      Hi. I don’t know if mine is the same as yours but I’m almost 17 months post thr on my left hip. At about 4 months I returned to running and was building up pretty well and then at about 7 or 8 months I started having awful pain…. Not as much in the joint but all around the hip and thigh. At my one year checkup with the Dr he took xrays and the new hip is perfect. He sent me back to pt for about 3 months where she landed at that it seems like a lot of scar tissue. I’ve been working it out or trying to painfully with rolling on a lacrosse ball but it is still touch and go. Sometimes I run its OK and sometimes it’s awful. Again not sure if this is what is happening to you but I did read that scar tissue can show up months and even years afterwards. I’ll go out and run and make it for 2 or 3 minutes and have to stop and walk a while. I am now just looking at it as I will get the mileage done and then just walk when I have too. I’m hopeful this will eventually get better.

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      Hip Brother Tom

      Hi Henry,

      I am so sorry to hear that the two of you are having trouble. I wonder if DeepSeaGoddess has a BHR as well? As these journeys go, you may find yourself on an island of your own. That said, collecting data on this site must include these types of stories. I am sorry I don’t have any advice to give you, but I encourage you to continue posting as you progress through the process of determining what’s going on. Please keep us posted.

      Hip Brother Tom

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      Hi Henry.
      I had MOM resurfacing but now have THR’s COC (done 2020) and have been cleared to skydive on them so running is a better option I would like to think. The revision is also better if required. I have done a few small runs and seems good. You have done well for your MOM resurfacing. At the 5 year mark I had them removed due to Metalosis poisoning, but at some point they will fail I was told and you will require a THR. Seems to be around that 5 year mark. There are many options but I am pretty biased with MOM hips as it can make some rather crook what I have found. Good luck if it wont fix itself then it will be a problem you have to work at. Cheers K

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      Hi Henry – a blood test for Chromium and Cobalt ions would be a good idea. In the UK there is a 3-yearly checkup on metal bearings due to the potential for wear and reactions to the debris, as per Karlos above (nice to see you here, Karlos!). My BHR is from Nov 2014, I run and bike and climb etc but I do not push as hard as you do (and I am much older!), my BHR is fine and I think it will last me out. I have a ceramic THR on the other side which in many ways feels better than the BHR but I am currently limping a bit with thigh pain which I hope is not related to the stem in my femur – this happens every 18 months after a period of overdoing things. Try backing off for a while if you get a good blood test, if you have to swap to a THR it is not the end of the road…

      Good luck

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      Thanks, Team. Really, this is great banter.

      I do annual chromium and cobalt checks, and there is nothing there, really low, less than 3 in chromium and less than 2 in cobalt. Scar tissue is an interesting consideration…..I didn’t know of that. That would be nice! Is there a way to diagnose for that? Can we just run through that in the end?

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