Booked for a new hip for June

Good morning. Just officially joined today after a good friend directed me to this site. Had been a competitive Masters runner for many years here in Toronto, but was diagnosed with moderate OA in my left hip 3 years ago. As you all know, things do progress, so gave up running ~ 15 months ago, and focused on all of those other non-impact sports like cycling, swimming, rowing, Pilates, etc.. I always said that I would go as long as possible with my existing hip, but the minute it starts to compromise my lifestyle by impacting sleep, ability to walk our dog for more than 3o minutes, unable to even muster the strength to play doubles pickle ball with other 56-year olds, I would proceed wth surgery.

Wait times in the public system are brutal here in Ontario, and they really will only do it when you are bone on bone and can’t even walk. So I have opted for private surgery in Montreal. Just booked the date for June 11th. Exhilarating…terrifying….exciting.

I am fit, relatively young, as active as I can be. I hope with the right surgeon that this too shall pass and I can get back to living a life where I am not always thinking about my hip. The forums here and comments have all been so amazing in helping me move forward with this decision, so thank you.


Toronto, Ontario

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