Hello all,

rainy day here so going to hit the elliptical and treadmill this morning early.  Had anterior hip replacement on 11/28/2023 .  Wondering if anyone has returned to running by using the treadmill as a starter tool after hip replacement?  I have been running one minute nd then walking 1 minute and going to 2 miles.  I have read that this is better from the beginning to help with timing and safer than roadwork at the beginning.  I am wondering how fast to run and how much to increase speed?  Incline is set to 1.5 currently.  Would like to hear anyone’s story on running on treadmill and how they did and how they progressed after surgery.  Don’t know how many days to run with taking a break.  Trying to interval biking and weights in between treadmill runs but really want to run more than anything.


Anyone’s treadmill running story or thoughts would be much appreciated.



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when to start running after surgery-Tony

Tony-Hello all,

just got accepted today and am excited to be on the blog!

Had hip replacement on 11/28/23.  Just had 9 week review from surgeon(said come back in a year) and went back to work.

Want to start a little jogging /running and wondering if 10 weeks is to soon?  Have been doing 30 steps then 20 jogs on front of foot or mid foot.  Just going 2 miles or so with no pain but wondering am I too ambitious to be doing this or too soon?  I want the bone to heal properly-I am 64 and have previously been running for years before surgery.  I only want to build up to 2 or 3 miles for pure enjoyment but don’t want to blow it.  I just feel so good after doing what I have been doing.  I was previously depressed and thought I could never run again but this website has given me new hope.  thanks for any info-Tony


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