Any stats on runners years after replacement?

Hi everyone,

I’m 48 and I had Anterior approach THR on Dec 4th, 2023. My doctor said he didn’t recommend that I run again but that he did know people who did. That’s when I found this site and put my mind at ease. It has always been my intention to get healed and back to running some day.

Today my physical therapist asked me if I was worried about the consequences when I’m older. I told her that when the time came, if I had to replace the cup I would do so. She then asked if the bone would deteriorate because of the implant. I haven’t heard of that happening and it did get me thinking. So came here to ask if there are any of you that have had your implant in for MANY years as a runner and what affect has that had on your bones? Or are you aware of any studies that I should be concerned about?

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