Thank You For Giving Me Hope

This group has given me the hope back that I was quickly losing. Thank you for allowing me to join!! On 12/1/24 I had to undergo emergency surgery…my right femur broke and separated into two pieces. I thought I was tough but this was a new level of pain. My surgeon was wonderful. I had never met him until right before the surgery and in spite of it being extremely urgent that he get my surgery under way–he listened carefully as I begged him to understand that I was an athlete — that I had qualified to go to Ironman World Championships in France in 2024; that I did not want to lose my life; that I wanted to run again. I really had no say over my surgery — but he heard me. He performed a lateral anterior total hip replacement on my hip. (I am sorry if this is too much detail, but I feel like I have PTSD at times.)

With all the above background, around week 5 post-surgery I was losing hope about running again (I was starting to believe what some folks were telling me “it just would not be possible”) until I read an article about a runner completing a marathon post hip replacement and he referenced this group. I was ecstatic!!! I realized that there are other folks out there who have walked my path to recovery. I am so grateful.

Now fast forward to week 10 post-surgery and my surgeon has confirmed that I can resume my activities as my body allows. He has reassured me that it is possible. It is truly wonderful to know that there is a community out there who really understands and supports each other and who run again!!!… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)