No spring in the step

It’s taken me three years now post bilateral THR to actually recommit seriously to getting some jogging miles in. I was really regular 5k a day most days with walking, (pre and post surgery) but whenever I tried to break into a jog it was just demoralizing: jarring, dead feeling, like on stilts: no elastic return.

Today I just finished the 8th week of the beginner Furman Institute program which I have used with  Slow Jogging (Tanaka) technique and a little cycling too.  7 years ago on arthritis destroyed hips, I did the 10k Bolder Boulder run / walk at about 13 min a mile (jog /walk) but my best single jog mile now (with some effort) is 17 min however I can walk a sub 15 fairly easily. No pain, which I am daily grateful for,  just no spring or ability to confidently stride out. Anybody else had or dealt with similar issues?… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)