Please help.

Hi Guys

I hope you are all well. I have only once posted  here, but love to see all the successful stories of people’s post op triumphs etc.  I , unfortunately am not one of those . I’m 4 yrs post op ( THR ) and am still jogging with a limp as it feels horrible . I begged my surgeon to do an mri , but he was happy once he saw that everything looked absolutely perfect on the X-ray, despite me telling him that I am in massive discomfort when I exceed a “ fast walk”. I took it upon myself to have an mri done and it shows chronic bursitis. I thought I was getting somewhere , but two rounds of steroid injections later , and I am still limping around , and quite frankly I’m losing the will to live. I was an 18min 5k , 38min 10k runner only 5yrs ago . Now I’m 2 stone overweight and struggling to complete 2 miles in approx 18mins due to the discomfort. ..  I’m 48, and not ready to give up on life yet and retire to the slippers and bathrobe. Running was my life .
any suggestions would be great , as they are refusing a third round of injections and quite frankly , they don’t seem To give a shite.
I was told to take up golf and “ get over myself “ .

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Help please ….

Hi Guys
i seriously need some help and advice. I’m 27mths post op ( thr ). I can’t seem to get rid of the pain in my upper thigh ( quad ). It ruins my walking , and jogging is out of the question. It hurts when lifting leg in the stride. It has done since day one !!! I’ve built up the muscles as best I can , but am giving up hope at this stage of ever getting back to running on a regular basis ( was a 18min 5k , 39 min 10k runner pre op ). I’m two heavier and really struggling mentally !  X rays show the new hip to be perfect ( according to consultant ) and he has all but washed his hands with me !!!!!! Physio has me doing exercises with bands , but the quad even hurts when I’m lifting leg to put on my sock …… any thoughts would be appreciated. Ollie.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)


Hi All

looking for a bit of advice. Had THR ( right hip ) 12 months ago exactly. A year prior to the op , I was a sub 19 min 5 k , sub 40min 10k , training approx 50 miles a week. Decided on advice to give the hip 9 months to recover and resorted to walking 10km a day to keep fit. Every so often I would jog 2 miles just to see how it felt, but to be honest it took the 9 months before I jogged the 2 miles and felt no pain. So in July I began slowly running 5 km every second/third day building to 8 kms four times a week up till two weeks ago. Then I started to get piercing pain shooting from top of my thigh down to my knee after 3 miles bringing me to a stop by the time I got to 5 mile mark. I took last week off and tried again yesterday, but it’s still there. Have I done damage or is this something I should “ run through “. All was going so well. I’m gutted to be honest. I know I will never run like I did before ( I’m 44 ), and that kills me, but I was happy losing weight and trotting around @ 9 min a mile pace. I feel like giving up.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)