Dislocation after THR – anyone else?

This is MNMichael looking for advice on dislocation after a hip replacement.

I had an anterior total right hip replacement on April 18, this year (2024).  Recovery was going well but then I was doing some twisting while sitting on a low chair and the joint disclocated.  I was taken to the ER where the doctors did a reduction (put it back in place) and took an xray. My surgeon reviewed it and says everything looks fine on the xray and my prospects for full recovery are still good but I need to follow additional hip precautions for 6 weeks to prevent recurrence. He said this happens sometimes during the early part of recovery while the muscles are still recovering having been stretched and retracted for the surgery.  He said there is now an increased risk that it could happen again, but it is still unlikely once I have fully recovered and all the muscles and tendons are back in place and strong again.

I had planned to return to running after my full recovery and slow ramp up, but now I’m more skittish about that.

Has anyone else had this experience or know someone who has?  I’ve be interested in how things turned out.

Thanks, Michael

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