Question on stretching

Hello hipsters, after 3 years of my RTHR i feel lucky to be running a daily 5k to stay in shape, soon I am planning to train for a half marathon and so on for the full marathon, the question I post for anyone who wants to answer is how much stretching should i be doing, my therapist suggested to stretch the hip flexors, ham strings and rectus femurs before and after running, is there any other suggestion for this?, and any restrictions on the stretches? so far i have not had any problem with any movement so far


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Hip Replacement wear

Good morning you all I had never been a runner myself, I had a car accident when I was 21, got 2 surgical nails in the femur head on posterior approach, 16 years later I had worn the bone so bad that I needed the replacement, my doctor’s advice always was to walk, he said that was the best for recovery, went for almost 6 months to physical therapy, I started just walking and after a while (whit the purpose of losing some weight) I started jogging, which of course made me realise how bad in shape I was (not counting I’m an ex-smoker), so one day I asked my therapist if jogging would be bad for the hip replacement and her comment was, as long as you are not running 5km a day you should be fine ( that is actually my goal) so i want to ask everyone here, what your experience is with the wear of the replacement and what you all recommend… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)