Hi…New to HipRunners


Running became my favorite activity in my early forties. I broke the neck of my femur at age 49 while roller skating at a skate park. Unfortunately, I wasn’t doing anything spectacular except going down a ramp when the accident happened, although it was a steep and fast cement ramp with a sharp transition at the bottom. A trauma surgeon repaired the fracture with FNS, but I developed AVN and am now 1.5 years post the fracture and 10 weeks post hip replacement. I am very hopeful to get back to running regularly and all of the other activities I love so much. My surgeon for the hip replacement has adamantly said NO NO NO to running and other high impact activities to maintain the life of the hip hardware. However, I have to live my best life. I started running again this week…only 2 slow and steady trail miles per day to see how I feel. I have also resumed going to the gym and have been focusing on regaining strength on the surgery side.

What hardware have others received that has allowed you to return to running? What are your pros/cons? Are you running against medical advice? What strength and/or mobility training are you doing? Do you still have any pain and where is the pain located? I ask about pain specifically because I am still having some pain/tenderness/numbness. The pain/tenderness is in some unexpected places and not always the same area(s).

All of the runners on this website give me hope. Thank you.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)