Listen to your body

I had my left hip replaced due to severe arthritis in dec ‘17. I got back to running pretty quickly and felt great. I started training this year for pikes peak ascent, running >40 miles a week. I was getting in good shape, able to run >10 miles at a sub 7 pace.

After a long hard run, my right hip started to have similar pain. I kept running, and the pain just kept getting worse. My distance and times were declining with each run.

Doc said arthritis in right hip was only mildly worse than 18months prior. I tried several treatments without success. Doc couldn’t explain it, and after about 2 months, I opted for a THR.

During the surgery, they found two large lesions on the femural head, which didn’t show up on imaging.

I am 8 days Post op and feeling much better. Ralking (run/walk) more than 3 miles now, getting stronger each day with two good hips.

My body knew something wasn’t right and not getting better, I just needed to listen and trust it.

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Celebrated my first anniversary by running up Haleakala


I had my left hip replaced 12/22/17. I was running within 6wks of surgery, after not being able to run for the previous 5 years.

The new hardware has given me a new outlook on life. I started racing again and completed 4 Spartan races (1 sprint, 1 super, 2 beasts) this year.

I decided to test this new outlook by running up Haleakala (10k ft summit on Maui). I picked out a 22 mile route with just under 7k’ of elevation gain. The day was gorgeous, the route was beautiful, the hip performed without issue for the 5 hour run and no issues after.

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Completed Spartan Sprint Race 3 months after LTHR

To motivate my recovery, I signed up for a Spartan Sprint Race before my surgery. The Race was 3/25, surgery was 12/21/17. The Race was a success… finished in 1:11:32, 21st/105 in my age group. My run was in the top 8% of all finishers.

The hip that was replaced was the best performing part on my body… wondering what other new parts they can install…

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7.5 miles at 7.5 weeks post LTHR

Recovery continues to go well (LTHR 12/21/17). Ran 7.5 miles today (2/12/18) at an 8:05 pace, 7 1/2 weeks after getting my hip replaced. No significant pain.

Saturday (2/10/18) ran 6.4 miles at a 7:17 pace, which took a lot out of my legs, but hip felt good.

I continue to augment my running with strength training which I think helps tremendously, along with watching my diet closely.

For anyone considering a THR, its giving me my active life back. Prior to my surgery, I couldn’t run a mile without tremendous pain. I am hopeful I can get back to enjoying road races again.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

6 weeks post LTHR

I had a LTHR on 12/21/17. Doc gave me the all clear on Monday,1/29.  I had been lifting, using the lifecycle, elliptical and doing burpees without much issue prior to Monday. However, I wasn’t able to run very well, and had lots of pain after.

Tuesday I went for my first “official run”, a whopping 1.1miles, at a 9:13 pace. While I felt a bit like a 3 legged dog, it was a start. Most importantly, I didn’t have much pain after. Looking forward to a run tmw, and many more after.

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