AVN Diagnosis

I’m in my mid forties and was diagnosed with Avascular Necrosis early last week just a couple of days after getting a Parkrun PB.
I had knee and groin pain (right leg only) after playing a couple of soccer games in September/October 2022 and the physio sessions that I got after seemed to work as I went back running again in early January 2023 and my times had been coming down each week since (I haven’t played any soccer since).

I was still getting some knee pain whilst bending down to say pick up something from the ground but I had no pain when I was running.
I have private insurance so I decided to get Knee X-Ray and MRI scans for peace of mind but they said I should get the same done for my Hips as well.

Anyway the Knee scans came back clear but the Hip MRI showed the Femoral Head is in the early stage of collapse and that it is too late for Core Decompression so I will need my right hip replaced. The Hip MRI scan has also shown that the left Hip is also affected but less extensively and that they can try Core Decompression
on it to increase blood flow to the area.

I believe the waiting list (private) where I am located for surgery is 2-3 months and I am waiting for them to get back to me on this.
What hip are they likely to sort out first? the left hip before it gets too late? and how long is it recommended between doing the 2 different types of surgery?
I guess all I can do for now is just do a combination of cross training in the gym and walking in order to remain fit and active until surgery.
I’m glad to have found this forum because to know that it is possible to come back running after a hip replacement gives me great hope and motivation.
I was also hospitalised for over a week with Covid in October 2021 and was back running again in February 2022 so … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)