Running With Hip Arthritis

I was recently diagnosed with moderate to severe hip arthritis in my left hip (likely due to iron overload from Hemochromatosis). I am 40 years old and was a competitive runner. I was very happy to find this site and hear that people are still able to run with a hip replacement which is very likely in my future. Like many of you, running is central to my mental and physical health, and hearing the doctor tell me to stop running and do something else was gut-wrenching.

I would like to continue running but feel a bit apprehensive.

I was hoping that people could share some advice and personal experiences with running with arthritis before needing a hip replacement. Did you run after hearing you had hip arthritis? How long after the arthritis diagnosis did you end up having a hip replacement? What types of changes did you make to your changing after diagnosis? What sorts of training helped or hurt?

I know everyone’s timeline and experiences are different but would appreciate any help.


Thank you!!

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