4 weeks post bilateral anterior THP


Today marks four weeks since I had THR anterior approach on both my hips.  This morning I was able to get out of bed and walk without any real issues, no pain and a fairly good gait!  Today, I visit my physio hoping for some additional exercises that will help  with rehab and continued hip strengthening!

I’m a runner who has completed 70+ marathons (last one October 2019 before hip issues forced me to stop running) countless 1/2 and 5 / 10k’s.  Once running became to painful, I turned to walking, rowing and weight training for exercise.  I’m fairly healthy without any other health issues.

I am hopeful that I can return to running and was wondering how long it will take before I can start “shuffling” again?  I was able to walk 4.5k yesterday slowly but without need of any aid.  Is there anyone who has had a bilateral anterior THR that has returned to running and what has been your experience.

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