Post THR Surgery Running

I found HipRunner just before my surgery in August and thankful to this community for all the positive stories, vibes, and dedication to being active post THR. It was really helpful leading up to the decision for surgery and the surgery itself. I have a couple of questions: 1) I had my surgery in August 2023. I thought I would start slowly with running about 6 months post, but now a bit turned around with stuff I have read and surgeon (middle of the road conservative I would say) input. I am trying to figure out if waiting until 8 months or even a year to start will help with the long-term durability of components because of more time for bone growth etc. I LOVE running and can’t wait to get back, but have been walking a lot, riding a stationary bike and now getting on my regular bike too. I am wondering how people have made their choice for how long to wait and/or any resources that folks can point to; 2) I am not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but I was interested in finding a potential running partner with the same timing/arc of THR recovery. I am in the Boston area. Is HipRunner a place to try and connect for this? I couldn’t tell from looking around. Thank you.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)