Pre-surgery advice

Hi all, looking for some advice from people who knew well in advance that they’d need a hip replacement, please.

I’ve been running injured for the past year, all right leg problems.  First my calf muscle seemed to stop working, then achilles problems, finally persistent weakness and pain around the knee.

Orthopaedic surgeon, x-rays, etc, turns out that the problem is my right hip.  Replacement will be needed within 4-5 years at the outside.  Key diagnosis terms are: degenerate femoral acetabular impingement with cysts in the femoral head and superior lateral acetabulum, large osteophytes inferiorly, dramatic restriction of movement of the right hip (20 degrees of internal rotation reduced to 10 degrees by mid-flexion and extension, 30 degrees of external rotation reduced to 20 degrees towards extension).

For those of you who also knew years in advance, what did you do about running?  Less often and less far until surgery?  Screw it, continue running until the hip’s well and truly knackered?  Pilates, yoga?  Surgeon recommended symmetrical activity – static exercise bike and rowing machine, both with very low resistance – but that barely qualifies as exercise, in addition to being extremely monotonous.

Feeling pretty demoralised, though finding this site and reading so many positive posts is helping.  Never enjoyed going to the gym, no interest in team sports, and mostly detest tennis (decades of which probably caused the damage), so have to be able to run!… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)