Slow Process

Hello again,

I thought that I would give everyone an update on my progress.

57 years old, was trail running and racing prior to surgery, 700- 900 miles per year.

THR mid June 2020.  Surgery went very well.  Began PT 3 weeks afterwards and was able to perform all requirements relatively easily.  Therapist mentioned that runners generally are able to do very well with post surgery PT due to the fact that they are in such good shape.  Around early August, approaching 8 weeks post surgery, I began to develop intense pain when taking weight off of my leg.  Pain would shoot down my quad and last for 30 seconds or so and would gradually diminish as I walked.  Went in for x-rays the end of August which showed the implant looked great.  No movement at all.  I was told by my surgeon that for whatever reason I was healing slower that what is considered “normal” and to hang in there.  He stated that if I was having this type of pain in January he would be more concerned.  I’ve gone back to work, 8 to 9 hours on concrete, which I am sure is not helping.  I do notice though that the more I walk and get warmed up, the pain is not as bad.  That being said, when I do sit down for a bit and get up, the pain returns as I put weight on the leg and take weight off of the leg.

This has been very frustrating for me, as I am so ready to be without pain and to begin some light running / hiking.  If I compare where I was 4 weeks ago to now that there has been some progress.  I’m realizing that willing the pain away or trying to ignore it and go about my day just is getting mentally draining.  No choice but to take it one day at a time and hope things continue to heal.  I am interested if anyone has had a similar experience?

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Hello all,

After 5 years of pain I finally had THR of my left hip last week, two days before my 58th birthday.  Very early stages of recovery but so far so good.  Started PT this week and am able to go on short walks.  I had taken up trail running about 6 years ago and it quickly became a very important aspect of my life, both physically and spiritually.  I was averaging 30 to 40 miles per week and had done some racing, 10k and 25k.  Enjoying reading about everyone’s journeys but have yet to come across anything regarding trail running /  racing.  I’m curious to hear if anyone has had any issues regarding their implants with trails.  I enjoy fairly technical mountain type runs and am eager and determined to get back in the game.  Let me know your thoughts..


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