Caycee Cullen, San Francisco, CA

Hello Hip Runners! I am new to this group and so so so happy to be here.

I just got my surgery date (10/26/23) for a total right hip replacement. Yikes! I am scared (I’ve never had surgery before except for wisdom teeth removal)  and excited (hopefully an end to my pain and BACK TO RUNNING). I am here for information and support and to pass on my experience so hopefully I can support someone else on their hip replacement journey.

One year ago I did the SF Half and my right hip was never really the same. I had a lot of pain:( I went to the PT and X-rays showed I have stage 3 osteoarthritis with bone spurs. It crushed me at first and what was even more brutal was that I could barely run 2 miles – sometimes the buckling pain would stop me in my tracks.

I am a cyclist, rower, and runner, however running is my true love. I LOVE LOVE LOVE running. It is integral to my happiness on all sorts of levels. So going from running 5 miles 5 times a week and able to do half marathons (I did one marathon – NYC – and would like to do that again!) with a month’s notice to being in pain and barely running once a week REALLY AFFECTED my life. I turned 50 in February and without running and a slowing metabolism I gained 12 pounds and didn’t feel like myself. I am slowly shedding the weight with diet and Tunde, my favorite Peleton instructor, but I am so so so ready to run free.

Questions for this most awesome forum:

  1. Does anyone have any pointers for how I can be best prepared for this surgery so the recovery is smooth and as successful as possible? I am a nurse and on my feet a lot at work so I want to make sure I don’t go back to work too soon and honestly, I want to make sure I don’t do anything too soon so I can heal with no complications. I
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