phantom leg pain?

21 months out from first hip replacement on left side. Last few weeks have had some pain in my left leg, lower thigh area towards the outside/back and about 4 to 5 inches above my knee. Pain seems to radiate through the back of my knee? Primarily when I get up after sitting or first thing in the morning. It comes and goes but not an issue when exercising. When its “on” however I can barely walk without limping. Anyone have anything similar? Going to see doctor but wanted to feel the water with the HipRunner crew.. Thanks!… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Sprint Triathlon Summer Race Series #1

Rocking my new HipRunner shirt after the Charleston Sprint  Tri race this morning.   Number 4 in my age group with a 12:28 swim (600 yds) 33:25 ride (12 miles) & 22:35 (5K).  Not my best ever but my best with dual hip replacements and there are are four more races this summer to improve.  My girlfriend’s son DJ took second in his age group.. his 1st tri ever!

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Wambaw Swamp Stomp 50K Ultra

Hey fellow hippies,

I ran a 50K this past Saturday. It’s been just under a year since my second hip replacement so I’m feeling pretty cocky.  Finished 4th overall with a time of 5 hours and 22 minutes and 10:23 average pace to include aid station stops.  By the way my new favorite ultra food is canned boiled potatoes dipped in salt.  Yum.

I ran in my Hoka One One Challenger ATR 3s.. great trail version of the Clifton 3.  It was a beautiful morning for a trail run in the low country.  I tripped hard on a root at mile 19 and went down like the Titanic! Back up and finished the next 12 miles with no problems.  Started aching a little later that day on my right side.. apparently I bruised a rib when I fell.  Its killing me today but x-rays confirmed I’ll live 🙂  Great news is that both hips felt amazing throughout the event.

Once I heal up I’m looking at some Sprint Tri’s this summer and maybe a 50 miler in the fall?

God I love running…

Check out the race at:

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10 X 5K Ultra

Checking in 10 months post-op (second hip May 2016, first hip Sep 2015,) completed a 10 X 5K ultra last Saturday.  You run a 5K every hour, on the hour, for 10 hours. Fun right?  It doesn’t seem too bad until around 5K number 7… when the wheels can start to come off the bus.  I had done one before, pre-op and found myself struggling during that one due to bad hips and the problem of just tightening up and very tired legs.  My strategy this time was to rest between each 5K by rolling out my legs and hips on a foam roller and walking around to stay loose.  I’ve learned that on any ultra sitting down is your worst enemy.  It paid off this time… finished 31 miles with a total time of 4 hours and 23 minutes or about an 8:30 pace overall.

Got a 50K coming up in May to celebrate the first full year with 2 new hips.


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Kiawah Island Triathlon

Good Morning HipRunners..

53 years old and just 1 year after my first hip replacement and less than 4 months after my second (and final haha) hip replacement I completed the Kiawah Island Triathlon.. an Olympic distance tri here in the low country of South Carolina. I can’t even express how happy I am with the results. Not only my first race following THR but my first open ocean swim and I only started running again about 3 weeks ago.
My results
2:41 overall
26:51 swim
1:14 bike (21 mph pace)
55:32 10K run (8:59 pace)!!!!


My right leg ached a little on the bike in the area of the anterior cut and I was worried it would affect my run but it was gone when I got off the bike. I know I have to be careful but I really felt amazing. Running is a privilege and I feel so blessed to be given a second chance.
I took Hip Brother Tom’s advice and linked my Garmin to Strava and joined the HipRunner club on Strava.  Very cool!
I keep saying I’m going to rewrite the book on THRs but you all beat me to it!… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

New hips & new shoes

Blew the dust off my Garmin yesterday and went for what I hoped would be an easy 4 mile run in my brand new Newton Fate running kicks. After a blazing 12 minute mile pace I was compelled to run one more to make it a sweet 5 miles in exactly an hour. I spent the whole run concentrating on a midfoot strike. My legs were sore but I really felt great during and after the run. I plan on continuing that distance for a while, only running every other day and working on my speed. Stay tuned while I rewrite the book on second chances!!

Of note, although I do feel great I had a nice reminder this past Saturday that I had hip surgery just 3 months ago.  I was throwing an apple core into the woods (for the squirrels of course). When I wound up to throw and release, the pain in my new hip was pretty intense.  Guess I twisted it or something.  It was fine in 30 seconds though.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

3 months post op – 2nd hip replacement

Bryant here again.  You all motivate me incredibly… I had my 2nd THR May 24th.   And amazingly I feel great… I do get a little reminder every once in a while but that’s usually very mild.  I have been swimming religiously, weight lifting and lots of stretching.  Even doing squats better than I have in 20 years. Rode bike 60 miles on Saturday at about a 17.5 mph avg pace.  Two weeks ago I started running experimentally and I am working carefully on developing/ perfecting a mid-foot landing form.  Seems to help quite a bit. This past Wednesday I ran 4 miles at about a 10.5 mph pace with no pain.  I’ve signed up for a Triathlon in September and plan to walk/run that portion.  Will be my first open ocean swim… funny that’s the part I’m worried about vice the run.

Question for anyone.. what kind of running shoes are you using? I’ve just started with Newtons to get away from heel striking and although awkward I like them. Wondering if I’ll start losing toenails now?  Anyway keep up the great work everyone!  If anyone is in or near Charleston SC let me know! The 40th Cooper River Bridge Run is next spring – great race in a great city!

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3 weeks since 2nd THR (right anterior)

Hi folks,

I had anterior surgery for my 2nd THR on March 24th. My left side was done last September. I really feel great… I have been walking up to a mile and this week started swimming laps and getting in some time on the elliptical. It seems this side is healing quicker than the left but getting comfortable trying to sleep has been tough.

I started running in January after the 1st THR and just to make a point, completed a sprint triathlon 2 days before my most recent surgery.
Based on how I felt 4-5 months out from my first, I am confident I’ll be back to some form of running in the fall.
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2 weeks until 2nd THR

Left Anterior THR completed last September. Besides one minor setback I feel amazing .. on that side. I’ve been running 3 days a week, 4 to 6 miles since January. I’m not fast but the new hip feels amazing. Swimming and weights have helped immensely.
Severe degenerative arthritis in both hips was the initial diagnosis but the right side never really hurt too much until the left was done and then boom! Hurts more than the left ever did and in a different way. More deep inside the joint and I have to be very careful not to twist or turn on that side. I decided to go ahead with 2nd THR while I’m still young (at heart anyway) and healthy. Surgery scheduled for March 24th and I can’t wait. More to follow!… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

New Year

Ok, I have not posted in a while but wanted to catch up on my progress. Backing up.. I had an anterior cut total hip replacment on my left hip on Sep 1st 2015 (and will likely need the right side within the next year).  After a setback in late September, I received the OK to start working out “lightly” in early November when I started swimming, walking, biking and weights – doing something everyday.  In December I started running very slowly on the treadmill.. 4 mph pace for 3 or 4 minutes and then walking for 5 minutes on a 5 degree uphill setting.  Slowly building this up I ran for 20 minutes on the treadmill on December 16th and really felt great.  On Christmas Eve I ran 2 miles outside for the first time.. slow while stopping a few times to stretch. The day after Christmas I ran 3 miles non-stop.. I was very pleased.  Again very slow but I felt great. I walk/ran the Cooper River Bridge here in Charleston the next week and on New Years day I ran 5 miles non-stop on the treadmill in 51 minutes.  It felt like finishing a marathon… Now this week I’ve run 4.2 miles and 5 miles (Cooper River Bridge in Charleston SC).

So far my left hip feels great.  I get some discomfort in the hip socket area when I start but that goes away.  My right hip is another story.. ouch but I know what that is – been there done that.

My plan is to run 3 or 4 days a week, never more than 5 miles and just build up my endurance  and confidence.  I’ve also signed up for a 5k for March 5th.  My goal being to run the whole thing and set a post THR PR!!

I really love all these success stories.. I hope someone can find mine motivating. More to follow.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

2 weeks later

2 weeks since THR on left side. Anterior incision and I can’t believe how good I actually feel. Walking around no problem and stairs no trouble at all. Some low level discomfort deep inside which i guess is from the cut bone? Finding a good sleeping position still a challenge as is putting a sock on that foot.. although I see some flexibility coming back. Curious how this compares to others?

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