Anterior THR in January

My surgery at NYU Joint Diseases is scheduled for mid January. I’m hearing some conflicting information about post-op care. I live alone, but have friends nearby. Am uncertain as to how I’ll get into the shower (it’s in my bathtub), or put on socks and shoes, or even my jeans! What have some of you done?

There’s a gym two blocks away with an elevator so I can get to the treadmills, bicycles, and ellipticals. How soon do you think until I can start working out?

It’s been a year or so since I was able to run more than a few feet before the bone spur and bursitis pain kicked in. MRIs show very little cartilage, and recommended THR, first on the worst hip, and then on the other hip a few months later. I was so upset about the thought that I couldn’t run again, but stumbling on this site gave me hope. But why do all docs say running after THR is verboten?

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      My surgery at NYU Joint Diseases is scheduled for mid January. I’m hearing some conflicting information about post-op care. I live alone, but have fri
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      Hi there,
      Am 57 and a club runner I had my THR on my left hip in April was running again by July and raced a 5k in September. Recovery is all about taking it easy and listening to your body. I am due my other hip to be replaced hopefully ceramic on ceramic again as it has been fantastic. I know my surgeon said I would never run again they fear the hip wearing out but I had to balance my mental well being if I didn’t run, it is my way of de stressing and so I cut out the half marathons and try to train on my bike and run on grass or trails rather than the roads. Be sensible and you will get your running back
      Cheers Ian

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      Andrew Harris

      I had both my hips replaced ( posterior) in April & October 2018, and was running again after 6-7 weeks each time.
      Like you I was advised by my surgeon that I shouldn’t run in the future, but told him it was really important to me. I too stumbled across this site, and was encouraged by comments on here.
      My ambitions are not set very high. I run a weekly 5k parkrun on a Saturday morning, with 2 on New Years Day. No ambitions to do anything more challenging than that. The best advice here was to listen to your body and not be too ambitious too soon.
      Fortunately both my ops have gone well ( ceramic) , and I’m delighted with the results. Running the Great Lines parkrun tomorrow, Shorne Woods on Saturday, then Cyclopark & Shorne Woods on New Years Day.
      I suspect all surgeons advice people not to run postop on medico- legal grounds. Mine knew I would start running again, and at my 6 week checkup said I should be ok.
      Hope all goes well for you & Happy Christmas.

      Andrew Harris

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      My left THR posterior was done Sept 26th. I was walking up a flight of stairs the next day – slow, but no problem. I also had a waterproof dressing and was able to shower within two days. Surgery was at Ascension Providence in Novi, Michigan.
      I’m 63 and already able to walk 5’miles. Getting clearance from my ortho next week so I can begin interval training.
      Give yourself a gentle week then work on muscle strength. Fantastic team through the CORE institute, an replacement group on several US states.
      Good luck!!

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      Hip Brother Tom

      Hi Spiegwrite,

      While you have time, it might be a good idea to install some grab bars around the bathroom. They were instrumental for me. You might also consider a raised toilet seat for easier access to the toilet. Additionally, get a long shoe horn to help with putting on your shoes. Finally, check out this post that I put up early on about using sock pullers. Hope this helps.

      Recovery continues….

      Hip brother Tom.

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      Hi Spiegwrite,
      Basically the same as Andrew above, but with a bit more ambition! About 100 5k parkruns on my ceramic THR, starting at week 6, and after a year of shortish runs started doing longer slow efforts in the hills and mountains. Currently able to jog a half-marathon but don’t really want to start racing them again, rather getting fit enough to spend all day in the hills – going downhill a lot really sorts out your quads! My surgeon also did the BHR resurfacing on the other hip, he knew exactly what I was going to do with it and he gave his blessing. He also said I would not be able to break my ceramic THR.
      You will be Ok! But the first week or so is still pretty grim…

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      Thank you to Petemeads, Andrew, Hip Brother Tom, NancyN, and Burnley Bull for your responses and encouragement!

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