A return to running…

I had a total hip replacement back in March 2018 (age 67, left hip, anterior approach, ceramic on polyethylene). Recovery was surprisingly easy and I was back to gym workouts within 2-3 weeks.  In the 15-16 months since surgery I have gotten back to “pre-hip pain” intensity and duration workouts on stairs, rowing and elliptical workout machines. Until now, however, I have been reluctant to return to running since several attempts to run have not felt right and since I am reluctant to risk causing the need for early revision surgery.

This past week a walk on the beach turned into a 3 mile walk-run (2/3’s walk and 1/3 run).  To my surprise, running once again felt natural and I completed this workout with no pain and the feeling that I could have easily run the full 3 miles.  No pain afterwards nor in the days following.  I am now back to doing daily walk-runs on the beach or on a Woodway Curve treadmills (http://www.woodway.com/products/curve/) that we have at my local gym.  I think that the Woodway treadmill is excellent for hip runners due to its curved and cushioned running surface.  The curve seems to promote fore foot (vs. heel) striking which greatly diminishes impact forces.

Wonderful to be back to running, even if I am only walk-running so far!  I had honestly just about given up on ever running again and it is a joy to feel the running high of a beach (or even treadmill) run again!

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      I had a total hip replacement back in March 2018 (age 67, left hip, anterior approach, ceramic on polyethylene). Recovery was surprisingly easy and I
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      Dave Whiteside

      Great to hear you had a good run. I’m sure all the other x-training has helped and will continue support your goals. It’s good to hear that you’ve listened to your body, but sometimes you have to have faith that it will get better. It does feel weird but it should get easier, and who knows where you can go. I’ve decided to live life if if I need a revision, then I’ll reconsider, but every day is a gift to enjoy.

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      Thanks for the words of encouragement Dave, agree with all. Feels great to be a first step (however small) towards being a runner again!

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      Good stuff, WK, great to enjoy running again. We are the same age and my ceramic right hip is a couple of months younger than yours. I took the opposite approach to you, getting back to running asap and doing 5k within 6 weeks (with a bit of a limp) as well as walking and rock-climbing. Reasonably successful but have had a pain in the right thigh that has come and gone over the last two years, for December/January I was struggling to even walk properly let alone run. I got pretty depressed about the whole thing but come February I could start again and have not really looked back – fingers crossed I am fixed rather than just in remission! Last week my son and I did a crossing of the 3000ft mountains of Wales, 33 miles and 13,700ft of ascent, with no problem from either hip (left is a MoM resurfacing nearly 5 years old). Now to concentrate on 5k speed again…
      Your cautious approach will have paid off I’m sure, but now get out there and give it some stick – we are not getting any younger!

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