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      Hip Brother Tom.. just saw this article on the Zero Runner and thought I’d share.  I guess you’re really on to something!!
      [See the full post at: Zero Runner]

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      Best piece of exercise equipment I’ve ever purchased. It should be mandatory for anybody wanting to run after hip replacement. My 2 cents. Love it.

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      Hip Brother Tom

      Well that was a helluvan endorsement! Thanks for the post Bryant. I am going to add it to the zero runner page!

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      Great endorsement, Mark. I really want one of these. I checked one out at our local fitness store. I think we will sell our treadmill and get a zero runner as my husband runs and this will be a good non-impact way of running for him too. I am undergoing THR #2 on Friday. As I want my replaced hips to last a VERY long time, I like the idea of a Zero Runner to get my running fix without compromising the integrity and longevity of my replaced hips. Cheers.

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