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      Hi all—4 weeks out today THR posterior right…doing great…walking 3-4 miles a day at 17 min/mile pace and biking 1 hour stationary bike 2-3 times
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      I feel what has help me the most (3 mos out) is stationary cycling. I had to seek out a non-spin bike with freewheel capibility as I didn’t feel being hooked to a flywheel was as safe. A low step over was good too. I also did very light extension weight lifting (like 20 to 30 pounds) and some simulation of running on machines.
      The cycling has progressed to outdoor cycling up to 4 hours. Glutes and Quads are coming back nicely.

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      Your doing great at 4 weeks. I use a Thero band which is circular & about a foot in length . I put it just below my knees and stretch it slightly whilst stepping to the side,almost like a crab walk if that makes sense ?. This will build up your glute muscles which have become inactive through hip injuries. I do about 3 sets of 10 each side, morning and night. Keep up with the walking etc & you’ll get there eventually.

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      RUN Oak Park

      The mini band is a fantastic tool as Felicity said. You also can use it for resisted clams (put the band a few inches above the knees). Add step ups (no band) and glute bridges and you’ll get most of the important muscles. Don’t forget to stretch hip flexors, quads and hamstrings!

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      Thanks!! Will try these !!

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      Am kind of afraid to stretch with the hip restrictions still in place…any specific ones you can recommend that arent contraindicated by the hip rstriction angles ?? Thanks for your input !!

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      Hip Brother Tom

      Great Post and great responses. I am adding this post to the “Questions and Answers” section of the website, since others will want to know this too. I also found a link to a great document from Vancouver Coastal Health in Canada. It provides a weekly progression of exercises to perform and goals for each phase of recovery. Here is the link:

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      Hi there, I’m a newbie! 3 months into total hip replacement on left. Is it normal to still have pain and stiffness in the morning… Especially on inner thigh/groin muscle? I’m cycling and swimming plus doing cross trainer most days now… Am I doing too much??

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