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      After 8 marathons and countless smaller races, my arthritic right hip was replaced in 2015. I worked my way back to casual running at a much slower pa
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      Hello bcuban !
      I am a 58 year old female . I have had both hips replaced. The right was replaced in 2018 the left in February 2021.
      I just had a 32 mile week this week .
      I pay close attention to hip mobility and strength by seeing a personal trainer 2x a week along with taking classes 3x a week that help support that . My surgeon supports my choice to run which helps a great deal . My goal is to train and complete a full marathon this fall .
      I listen to my body and make adjustments when I need to . I have found out it is a new relationship and it is taking time to find out what makes both hips happy. But what a fun journey it is . I keep up with runners 20 years younger with original parts !!!! Keep your body strong and healthy, and don’t let that left hip deteriorate to much before deciding to replace it . I feel it is much easier to recover from such a surgery with strong muscles to support that new joint. Never give up !!!

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