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      Has anyone had a problem with hanging leg raises after new hip? I seem to be a little extra stiff the day after doing these…
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      Hi BuffaloFreddy!!
      Yes for sure those hanging knee raises or straight leg raises are a challenge!!
      I am 8 months post op THR on left and 3 years on right . The first few months those were pretty painful to do . I kept at them and now it is almost pain free .
      I believe they are very worth while to do them . Strengthening the hip flexors are an important part to help stabilize your run . Strength training along with daily runs / walks is the key ! Keep trying .Take a day off to rest and heal and try again .

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      I am only 4 weeks on from THR. I had an assessment at 3 weeks with the physio and was skewing my leg slightly out, I think due to weakness in the hip flexor. My personal trainer has just looked at the same movement today, and it’s already somewhat better. Not sure how long you are post surgery but the answer with everything seems to be to keep working on it.

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