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      PSOAS TENDON CUT? Hello, Hip Runners! I had anterior left THR in March 2018. Unfortunately, I have been in more pain since the surgery than before, wh
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      Laura M


      I assume the suggestion to cut your psoas is coming from the same doctor that did your surgery??? If so, I would go to another doctor, not affiliated with the same practice or hospital and get another opinion.

      I am a 66 year old woman and had a THR on my left side on August 28, 2018. My doctor does not use the “Anterior” approach. He told me it is riskier as far as doing damage to the femur, etc. I have had no pain since a week after my surgery. I have been back running a few miles since January 2019 and have only experienced minor issues with my piriformis on the “right” side.

      If I were you, I would contact the hospital and ask for the compete medical transcript of your surgery and hospital stay. They have to document every small item. My medical report from my surgery is over 200 pages. and it shows each time they checked my vitals, or gave me a pill, and has a very detailed accounting of what transpired in the operating room.

      I am so sorry that you are experiencing pain.

      Best of luck to you!

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      I had anterior THR left side in January 2016. I have not had any pain associated with the surgery. I run around 20 miles a week, I mountain bike 4 to 5 times a week. I cross country ski machine on days I don’t bike, I workout on the elliptical machine several times a week. Like I said before no pain. I had a great surgeon. It is my understanding from all I’ve read anterior THR is the best way to go. I have no problems with mine. So sorry to hear you are still having pain. I think I would looking for another surgeon.

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      Hip Brother Tom

      Wow Kelly,

      I had the anterior approach with no problems at all. While I am by no means a doctor, cutting the tendon seems a bit extreme to me. I would highly recommend getting a second opinion on that. Your situation is indeed a unique one. I hope you find relief!! Please report back as you learn more.

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      Thank you for the comments! At 18 months, it has been determined that my acetabular cup is loose and I will need a second surgery to replace the implant. I have had one second opinion consultation with the orthopedic surgeon for our local NFL team this week and have a follow up and another second opinion the first week of October. I’ll keep you posted. I’m glad someone figured something out 🙂

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