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      Greetings, I am so thankful to have found this site as it has helped relieve some of the stress over my upcoming left anterior THR surgery. I am a 43
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      Hi Will, welcome to The group, my advice to you do The op soon as you can, you seen to be in good shape that is The key to a fast comeback. I have done two THR my rehab was walking walking walking. I run Budapest maraton 38 days after my latest op so there is big chance that yoy can clear The test you have to do as a Police. This weekend i did my 24 marathon 2019 with was my goal for whole 2019, so IF you ask Me do The op, and do you rehab, i was back to work in three weeks and I have a Hard work, sorry for my bad English, best regards Anders Jelander.

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      Hi Will – assuming you can currently pass the treadmill test I don’t think you will have any trouble at 12 weeks post-op. Ceramic on plastic seems to be the best combination nowadays (I have all-ceramic) and you are a youngster so should recover quickly. I was back to 5k parkruns at 6 weeks after my THR, but not at that pace because I am very old… Have got back to 6:40 pace (9mph) for 1 minute intervals, at the 28-month mark. This was marathon pace 30 years ago!
      Go for it, your current relief is temporary (as was mine) and you need a new hip soonest…
      Good luck, and keep in touch!

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      Michael Rix

      Certainly not rushing in. In my experience delaying was the absolute worst thing that I did. It meant that the rehab to overcome shortened muscles and tendons was that much longer and painful.
      Exactly 12 weeks after surgery I managed a super sprint triathlon and the overall win – so 2 miles at 8.2 mph is achievable.
      There are great days ahead! Get it done and rehab well and you’ll never look back. Best of luck


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      Hey Will, greetings from NC. I had just turned 44 when I had my surgery RH Anterior with ceramic and plastic. I was in shape when I had the surgery. Recovery went well. I used the elliptical, rode a bike and did a lot of walking and climbing stairs. Was back to work in 10 weeks. I currently do a lot of running on a treadmill and average about 7.3 mph on an incline. After 12 weeks you should be able to pass the test but I think it will be a challenge. I am 15 months post up and the fastest I was able to run was 7.9 mph for a two minute sprint. My leg was sore after that sprint. I have put this hip replacement Thru a lot and it has held up. Worst It feels is sore if I overdo it but that goes away after a couple of days. I will try a 8.2 mph sprint tomorrow at the gym and see how my hip feels after.

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      Hip Brother Tom

      Hi Will!
      I started running after 3 months (Had the surgery in January 2010 and was running by April). You can do this. It seems interesting that you need to be running 7:18 miles. I have seen a lot of police officers (and I respect their profession), but I don’t think they would be able to achieve that. Wow! Don’t let the lack of pain fool you. You got to this point for a reason.
      All the best to you on your recovery!

      Hip Brother Tom

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      Thanks everyone for the advice. It is truly appreciated and has really helped me realize this is the best decision for me. I’m ready to put the work in and come back stronger than ever.

      Tom, I understand exactly what you’re saying and I 100% agree. At least 25% of our officers could not do that run with healthy hips. Our union is working on a solution, but in the meantime I’m just going to focus on getting back.

      As I said, having found this site is blessing and I’m so grateful for everything you guys have done to help those of us that are just beginning. My devastation has now turned to hope thanks to all of the inspiring stories I have found here.

      I’m having surgery Monday and I’ll be sure to keep everyone posted. Thanks again!!!

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      Hi i am a retired traffic police Officer with thirty years servie in the North Of the uk and i have had right hip problems for the past ten years .I was a runner Of a good standard im my spare Time and i have just had my right hip done in hospital after nearly three years in retirement .All i can say is it is great i have had so much pain when i was working and i was refused à hip opération because Of my âge , by the Nhe who wanted me to take more and more painkillers .We have moved to France where the outlook on Life is totally different here and after seeing a French surgeon , my op on the 23rd sept 2019 , ( two weeks ago ) The pain is gone

      I am recovering well and looking back I also did all my yearly ost classes and fitness tests with gritted teeth on the bleep test and now I after two weeks feel so must better , now .I have colleagues in the job that have had hip opérations and on the tread mill , you Will be able to walk that Time , At possibly quite a Quick Pace .The main thing is do your stretches and physio and i promise you Will be fine .I should have done the opération years ago , you have got to Béar in mind that the majority Of people on hip opérations now want a return to sport etc and are a lot younger in âge , all the best keep us posted

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      Greetings everyone,

      Had the surgery Monday 10/7. Anterior approach, ceramic on plastic. Had to be at the hospital at 5:45 am, surgery was at 7:45am and I was up and walking by 11:00 am!!!

      I didn’t sleep a wink the night before and was extremely nervous going in as this was the first surgery I had since my appendectomy at 8 years old. Despite being exhausted I was so relieved and happy to be walking.

      My surgeon came in and told me everything went perfect. My pain was minimal at the time and seemed mostly just stiffness. I had spinal anesthesia with sedation and did not wake up during the procedure as I have heard can happen.

      At day 3 post op it’s a bit of a challenge, but I’m told this will be the worst. I over did it a bit on day 2 by trying to go shopping with my wife after physical therapy. I will not do that again.

      One of the first things I noticed is that walking helps with the pain almost as much as the medication. I’m hoping to stop the prescription pain medication in a couple days and transition to Tylenol.

      I’ll keep everyone posted as I continue to progress. Thank you again to all who responded to my original post you definitely eased my mind going in. And a huge thanks to my surgeon Dr. Michael O’Malley (UPMC). He’s a specialist in the anterior approach and really cares about his patients. Furthermore, he told me to live my life with this hip. Run, ski, ride my dirt bike!!! Of course after three months and he said try not to break my leg.


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      Glad your surgery has gone well. I see you are coming up on 2 weeks post op. I have a THR scheduled for Friday Nov 1st, and like you were, am nervous. I was just wondering how you are coming along. I am also young, only 51. I too have flirted with surgery only to back out because my hip was feeling better. It was never great, just better. Well I’m not backing out this time, so I was just looking for a 2 week post-op update as to your recovery.

      Thanks Robert.

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      Recovery is going well!!! Probably better than I anticipated. All my fears which were probably a little on the paranoid side were gone the moment I was up and walking in the hospital. This was 3 hours after surgery!!! My pain was never more than maybe a 5 on a 1-10 scale. I know everyone is different but by comparison it was never worse than a “bad hip day” pre-op. Mostly just sore and stiff for the first week. Never really needed pain meds (Vicodin w/ acetaminophen) except for overnight. Also, walking around the house every hour or so really helps!

      It’s certainly easy to over do it in the first two weeks, but you’ll definitely know it. You’ll start stiffening up and getting tired. I’ve been icing constantly (every couple hours and mainly just around pelvis) and my swelling never got too bad or went past my knee. I helped my wife cut the grass yesterday and it was tolerable as long as I stayed on flat areas and didn’t make any jarring movements.

      After the first week there was a noticeable improvement in my strength and energy level each day. This was very encouraging! I suppose everyone is different and a lot of how you do in recovery probably depends on preoperative fitness, the surgeon and the approach (anterior or posterior). I’m in pretty decent shape, but am in no way a triathlete. Those folks probably do really well in recovery. I’m doing my physical therapy everyday, eating well, staying hydrated and feeling more like myself each day. Good luck, keep us posted and let me know if you have any more questions!


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      Hey Will. Thanks for the response. Great to hear you are doing well. I too am in decent shape 5’9″ and weigh around 200 lbs. Have stayed active even through this hip. I put about 150 miles/week on my road/mountain bike every week. Also do some crossfit and upper body work.

      That is great to hear that pain was no greater than a 5. I have a high pain tolerance, probably from dealing with this hip since I was 40. My situation is just like yours was, most times my hip is ok and sometimes even feels pretty good, and then I can get brought right back down to earth when I wake up and it has flared horribly. And I mean horribly. I could have gone on a 25 mile bike ride the day before, and the next day I can barely stand/sit/walk and the worst thing of all, sit on the toilet. I literally move like a 90 year old man. I take that back because my grandfather is 90 years old and moves much better, lol. The bad thing is these flares used to happen every 3 months or so but are becoming far more frequent

      I retired from the Santa Clara County Sheriiff’s Department November of 2018 with 30 years on, I started at 21 years old. I still come back and work extra help for them but basically in a Control station within the jail. It’s great because I no longer have to deal with a lot of the BS that comes with the job. The last 2 years I have been trying to get to retirement to get this hip done. My surgeon said, while looking at my X-Ray from when I was 40, that he would have performed the surgery then if I so chose to. It’s tine, I know it, and I’m so done with letting this hip pain affect my daily life. Can’t put in socks, shoes, or cut my toenails easily. I’m sure you were at that point too.

      My buddy, who is 54, had his right hip done as well. He had it done 5 months ago. He said that when he woke up his hip pain was inmediately gone. He said that he had pain from the surgery of course, but it was in no way as bad as the pain encountered from the arthritis. He said that he immediately knew that he had made tne right decision and wished he would have done it 10 years prior. And he had the Posterior approach which is a more extensive procedure involving precautions. I am having the anterior and as you well know, easier recovery and no precautions.

      I am 11 days away and go through moments of excitement of knowing that I am finally going to rid of this lousy hip, and then I start to think if every little aspect of the surgery and go through moments of dread and near panic, lol. I know the fears are completely irrational. I just want them to just knock me out and get on with the surgery. Lol, it’s kind of hard to stress about it any longer when you are knocked out. Once I awake from the surgery and begin that first walk down the hallway on my new hip, I’m sure I will feel great and be sooo relieved. I’ve set a goal for myself to be back in the control box at work in 3 weeks. Ive bet my buddies that I would make that goal, and I plan to. It’s great because it is really no more than a desk job with no threat of physical confrontations that could possibly injure or damage the hip. Just gotta be able to walk my butt to the station and plop down. Hopefully you will get back to your job in the 6 weeks you plan on. Hopefully you can knock out the treadmill. Like some other posters have said. That treadmill is kind of crazy. I believe that half the people in my department could not do that with healthy hips. I’m not kidding, we have some pretty overweight people that I can’t believe have let themselves go to that degree. I graduated the academy at 180 lbs and am currently between 195 to 200 lbs. I feel pretty good about that. I think when I get all healed up I’m gonna make a push to get back around the 180 mark. Thanks for your response and let me know how you are doing at the 3 week mark.


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      Hey Will. I have surgery this Friday. Pretty excited to move away from this achey hip, a lil nervous too. You are 3 plus weeks plus now post-op. How is your recovery going. Thanks Robert.

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      Greetings Robert,

      First of all, best wishes Friday!!! I’m sure it will go well for you. Recovery is going well and again the information from all of the posts here have been spot on.

      Most of all it is easy to overdue it and when you do it sets you back a day or two. Not to worry as long as your not doing anything that your surgeon restricted…..running jumping etc. PT is gold!!! I feel better every time I do it and have noticeable improvements each day. I’m already doing yard and house work with no issues. Just stay hydrated and take frequent breaks.

      My surgeon told me early on that 3 weeks out I’d wake up one day and feel more like myself. He was spot on!!! Monday was exactly 3 weeks and by the time I was done with my morning PT, I was walking normally and without my cane. Like I said before, first three days weren’t great but certainly manageable as long as you have someone to help you with those random things we take for granted… like putting on your shoes. Afterwards it’s pretty much up to you how quickly your recovery goes. Take it easy, do PT religiously and ice constantly.

      I definitely don’t regret getting it done and it certainly went better than expected. If your worried about pain …don’t!!! I would describe it as mostly just soreness, stiffness and a general heavy feeling in your leg. And I was pretty much cutting my pain meds in half. Finally, over the last few days I’ve noticed some tightness from my outer thigh down to my knee. According to some of the posts here that’s the IT band getting inflamed or just tight. I’ve been doing stretches for it and it’s helping. Best of luck to you and let us know how it goes.


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