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      Hi, hippies!

      41-yr old female here. 3/21/18 L-THR surgery.

      I just had my 3-month check up. (I went in early for a six week check up because my hip has been much more painful than expected.) At three months, I’m in a lot of pain. My legs are clearly different lengths, as I sink to the right when I walk. I’m so terribly disappointed. The doctor told me that 98% of people are back to normal at this point, and I am far from it. He also said that 13% of people experience nerve pain, which I know I have, but that isn’t as bothersome as the feeling that my left leg is too long. I am nowhere near running, and after 45 minutes of walking, I will be hobbling for at least the next hour.

      Has anyone else been here? And did it get better? I have been warned not to push it, and to wait until the nine month mark to allow scar tissue to break down and swelling to go down which may help with the discrepancy in leg length. I have been advised to take two Aleve daily and continue with PT. The good news/bad news is that my body has accepted the hip replacement, and the x-rays look perfect, but honestly, I feel miserable. No one told me that this may have been an outcome. I was advised to wear a heel lift to see if that helps, but in my mind this is not a permanent solution.

      I am in much more pain 3-months post surgery than before the surgery The doctor said that most people have a leg discrepancy but very few people notice. I certainly do. The only “bright side” is that if I ever need a right hip replacement, which I eventually will but not now, the doc said he can correct the length discrepancy. Ugh.

      Strangely enough, my operated leg feels longer, but I am measuring a half inch shorter.

      Any encouragement or advice is GREATLY appreciated!


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